NOVO Optimize sees what you can’t.

NOVO Optimize is in Beta testing

NOVO Optimize is our new business intelligence software that helps users increase throughput. It helps decrease machine downtime and cycle times through process recommendations and visibility into real-time machine status.

NOVO Optimize monitors and reports inefficiencies you can’t see. It analyzes cutting tool performance and recommends improvements. It monitors machining operations across the shop floor and pinpoints causes of breakdowns, poor part quality, incorrect operation, and more. It puts it all together in a clear dashboard so you see the inefficiencies … that you couldn't see.


How It Works


By using actual data from the shop floor, NOVO Optimize pinpoints where inefficiencies exist during part production and shows clear steps for improvements. Optimize shows how actual production compared to planned production.


How it looks

Machine Efficiency


"I want to know why my machine is not producing enough parts."

Efficiency is key to robust production. NOVO Optimize pinpoints areas of lost production, incorrect machine operation, and poor part quality in your shop. It details where efficiency improvements can be made.

Tool Optimization


"I want to know how my parts are actually being machined."

Recommendations are prioritized by cycle-time reduction. Users see a detailed snapshot of how each tool in their shop has been run, and how it compares to plan.



Defines how a part is to be machined, according to the process plan. The enables "actual" vs "plan" reporting.



"I want to understand my shop floor performance."

Provide historical data on machine performance, causes of downtime, and deviations from the process plan. Data is pulled from the Parts module and reported as "actual" performance vs plan.

Operator Feedback


"I want to improve communication between my process planners and machine operators."

Listening to feedback from the shop floor is critical. Machine operators and process planners see first-hand what went right during part production, and what didn't go as planned. Feedback is important to making process improvements. NOVO Optimize makes it easy for the machine operator to give feedback to the process planner and others.


Can NOVO Optimize help your shop?

Achieve dramatic efficiency improvements with NOVO Optimize through:

  • Targeted improvements - detailed analytics pinpoint areas of improvement
  • Reduced production loss - auto-classification helps you focus on problem solving, rather than problem finding
  • Rich reporting - dig deep into machine performance with detailed historical reports
  • Justify capital expenditures - detailed reports of production and productivity losses are tangible support for new capital equipment requests

3rd party knowledge makes NOVO even better


It's nice to share.

Sharing data among several software platforms strengthens NOVO. Meta data adapters extract data from third-party applications and feed it to Optimize to enrich its data power. This simplifies data setup. Simple is good.