NOVO Purchase

Easy. Fast. Done.

Buy it through the app!

If you use ToolBOSS tool vending machines and the NOVO app, you can check in-stock inventory as you build tool assemblies. If needed tools aren't in stock, they can be ordered through the app.

Purchasing new tooling from Kennametal Konnect or your distributor is easy via the NOVO app. Konnect is Kennametal's online portal where you can set up an account, access price and inventory, buy tools, check order status, and more. Customers who use NOVO and purchase through distributors will benefit from easier job collaboration.

1. Check inventory

Via ToolBOSS software, see what's already on-hand in your shop

2. Tool assemblies

Build assemblies using tools on-hand in your ToolBOSS units, or choose to use new tools

3. Purchasing is fast

Order new tools directly through the app


What are my benefits?

Saving time and money are two big benefits.

When you use ToolBOSS tool vending machines in your shop, the NOVO app "talks" to the ToolBOSS software.

As you create tool assemblies, in-stock inventory is checked. Assemblies can be created using tooling from current shop inventory, or from new tools that must be ordered. It’s easy to order new tools from Konnect without leaving the NOVO app.