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Systemy skrawające

Systemy uchwytów (obsadek) • Seria K225

Product specifications
Product # 2271366
ISO Catalog Number K225SP 170 SYSTEM
ANSI Catalog Number K225SP 170 SYSTEM
[DSS]Dia Seating Surface mm 64
[DSS]Dia Seating Surface In 2.520
[D1]Adapt/Shank/BoreDiaWKPS mm 43,60
[D1]Adapt/Shank/BoreDiaWKPS In 1.720
[D1S]Adp/Shk/BoreDiaSecWKPS mm 35,10
[D1S]Adp/Shk/BoreDiaSecWKPS In 1.380
[H2] Overall Height Metric 170,3
[H2] Overall Height Inch 6.700
[OAL]Overall Length Metric 175,4
[OAL]Overall Length Inch 6.900
[B2]Overall Width Metric 110,9
[B2]Overall Width Inch 4.360
[H1] Centerline Height Metric 144,8
[H1] Centerline Height Inch 5.700
[LW]Weld Length Metric 139,7
[LW]Weld Length Inch 5.500
[WW]Weld Width Metric 91,60
[WW]Weld Width Inch 3.610
Block Angle [BA] 42.000
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Seria K225

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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade [DSS]Dia Seating Surface mm [DSS]Dia Seating Surface In [D1]Adapt/Shank/BoreDiaWKPS mm [D1]Adapt/Shank/BoreDiaWKPS In [D1S]Adp/Shk/BoreDiaSecWKPS mm [D1S]Adp/Shk/BoreDiaSecWKPS In [H2] Overall Height Metric [H2] Overall Height Inch [OAL]Overall Length Metric [OAL]Overall Length Inch [B2]Overall Width Metric [B2]Overall Width Inch [H1] Centerline Height Metric [H1] Centerline Height Inch [LW]Weld Length Metric [LW]Weld Length Inch [WW]Weld Width Metric [WW]Weld Width Inch Block Angle [BA]
2271366 K225SP 170 SYSTEM K225SP 170 SYSTEM 64 2.520 43,60 1.720 35,10 1.380 170,3 6.700 175,4 6.900 110,9 4.360 144,8 5.700 139,7 5.500 91,60 3.610 42.000

Product Usage

Uses and application

  • Pressed Contact
  • IH Treatment

Spare Parts for Seria K225