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KenTIP FS™ Straight Round Shank Bodies
KenTIP FS™ Straight Round Shank Bodies
KenTIP FS™ Straight Round Shank Bodies
KenTIP FS™ Straight Round Shank Bodies

Modular Drills

KenTIP FS™ Straight Round Shank Bodies

SAP Material Number 6389578
ISO Catalog Number KTFS095R01SS10M
ANSI Catalog Number KTFS095R01SS10M
Adapter Style Machine Side Straight-Cylindrical
[D1] Drill Diameter M 9.5000
[D1] Drill Diameter M .3740
[D1MAX] Drill Diameter Maximum 9.9990
[D1MAX] Drill Diameter Maximum .3936
[LATTH] Insert Attach LG Holder 64.5000
[LATTH] Insert Attach LG Holder 2.539
[L] Overall Length 70.0000
[L] Overall Length 2.755
[L4] Maximum Drilling Depth 15.0000
[L4] Maximum Drilling Depth .5910
[LS] Shank Length 41.0
[LS] Shank Length 1.614
[D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter 10.0
[D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter .3937
[SSC] Insert Seat Size I
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Uses and application

  • Shank - Cylindrical  Plain ≤h6Shank - Cylindrical Plain ≤h6
  • Drilling - Through CoolantDrilling - Through Coolant

Features and benefits

  • KenTIP FS Tool Holder with Straight Cylindrical Round shank. Metric Shank.

  • KenTIP FS modular drills offer performance commonly achieved with solid carbide drills. The rigid pocket seat allows flexible usage and very high holder tool life.

  • KenTIP FS drilling system uses disposable inserts — no reconditioning cost, consistent performance, and significantly reduced tool logistics compared to regrindable drilling solutions.

  • MuliCoolant provides an advanced coolant channel layout with four coolant exits in each holder.

  • Each Tool body is shipped with related insert wrench.