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Very Narrow Slotting Cutters

Features and benefits
  • .063"–.245" slot width range.

  • Positive chipforming inserts are standard.

  • Self-clamping insert seat with fixed stop.

  • Excellent for all flat-bottom slotting and cut-off operations.

  • Two drive rings required for each cutter body, except when using two drive supports (must be ordered separately, in pairs).
Product specifications
Product # 1247666
ISO Catalog Number KAP3121254
ANSI Catalog Number KAP3121254
Weight Pounds .75
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Drive Rings

Filter By:
Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade [D]Adapter/Shank/Bore Dia Inch Max RPM Weight Pounds
1247652 KAP1250634 KAP1250634 .08
1247663 KAP2251254 KAP2251254 .26
1247660 KAP1871004 KAP1871004 .20
1247650 KAP1250632 KAP1250632 .07
1247666 KAP3121254 KAP3121254 .75
1247675 KAP1250764 KAP1250764 .11
1247668 KAP3502004 KAP3502004 .75

Product Usage

Uses and application

  • Slotting: Side
  • Slotting: Side with AE/AP dimensions