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Tightening Fixtures, HSK Universal Mounts and Sleeves

Features and benefits
  • Universal vise to hold HSK forms A, C, and E toolholders for tightening/locking operations.

  • Permits simultaneous access to the rear and front end of the toolholders.

  • Replaces up to 15 separate tightening fixtures.

  • Holds tools in the horizontal or vertical position.

  • Can be used either right or left handed.

  • Rigid aluminum construction with bolt holes to secure to bench.
Product specifications
Product # 1254161
ISO Catalog Number HSK100AS
ANSI Catalog Number HSK100AS
[CSWS]Acc System Size WkpcSide 100
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TF • HSK Universal Mount

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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade [CSWS]Acc System Size WkpcSide [L] Overall Length Metric [L] Overall Length Inch [W]Overall Width Metric [W]Overall Width Inch
1254158 HSK50AS HSK50AS 50
1254137 HSK40AS HSK40AS 40
1254159 HSK63AS HSK63AS 63
1254135 UTAV UTAV ALL 160 6.299 260 10.236
1254161 HSK100AS HSK100AS 100
1254160 HSK80AS HSK80AS 80