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Attachment Guidelines

These are general guidelines on how to apply KenCast to your equipment. However, weld applications may vary substantially, depending on the material to which KenCast is applied. Consult a local welding representative or contact your Kennametal Representative for recommendations on your particular application.

Weld Material

  .052" (13,2mm) wire (flux cored)
  • 7100 ESAB or equivalent, shielded with carbon dioxide
  • 22–24 volts and 200–235 amps
  1/8" (3,1mm) weld rod
  • 7018M or equivalent, low hydrogen
  • 21–33 volts/135–185 amps

These specifications are for welding to low- to medium-carbon steels.

When welding to specialty steels, such as stainless and manganese, contact your Kennametal Representative for welding recommendations. 

Welding Instructions

KenCast parts must be welded properly to achieve optimum performance:

  • Always attach castings with the steel side against the surface to be protected.
  • The carbide surface side, painted black to identify the wear side, faces outward.
  • Welding the carbide surface can cause cracking and is detrimental to carbide particles.

Cutting Instructions

Option #1

  • Score the steel side with an angle grinder or chop saw with corundum wheel, then strike with a hammer.

Option #2

  • Plasma or waterjet.