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High-Performance Wear Solutions

Matching  Our Materials to Your Toughest Wear Challenge

Are you faced with a daunting wear challenge?  Kennametal’s advanced materials can help. We invite you to reach out to our team to discuss how we deliver solutions that go the distance in the most demanding environments.

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Count on Kennametal for High-Performance Wear Solutions

Kennametal’s mission is all about solving customer challenges and enabling exceptional performance. Our customer-driven approach has and will continue to set industry standards.

Our portfolio of wear solutions is built on a foundation of deep material science expertise. As a producer and supplier of raw materials, we are able to maintain critical control over our materials.  Our primary portfolio of materials includes tungsten carbide, cobalt, nickel, and other specialty additives. We combine these materials to create proprietary  formulas and grades to solve specific challenges. 

Tungsten Carbide

Kennametal has been a leader in tungsten carbide products since our founding in 1938.

Cemented tungsten carbide possesses unique engineering properties that makes it ideal for countless industrial applications. In addition to being more durable, it is often more economical than other materials. Tungsten carbide is used for parts that must withstand extremes of wear, including deflection, deformation, abrasion, erosion, galling, and corrosion.

Unlike some carbide manufacturers, Kennametal produces its own powders, assuring the highest quality tungsten carbide from start to finish.


Stellite™ alloys have a long and distinguished history of delivering durability in the toughest applications. Since its inception in 1912, the Stellite family of alloys has evolved into a comprehensive range of material solutions, offering strong protection when a combination of corrosion, wear, and high-temperature properties are required.

Stellite alloys are available as consumable powders, hard-facing materials and equipment, wrought bar and sheet, as well as finished cast and additively manufactured components.

Conforma Clad

Conforma Clad™ incorporates two industry workhorse materials — tungsten carbide and Stellite™ cobalt-based alloys — into our unique cloth-based and Ultraflex™ slurry-based processes. This enables us to provide superior wear-resistant claddings for a wide variety of substrate materials and geometries in a broad range of industries and applications.


KenCast™ is composed of tungsten carbide particles that have been metallurgically bonded to air-hardened steel. The result is a tough, durable, and extremely wear-resistant material.

Carbide granules give KenCast exceptionally long-lasting protection. Various-sized tungsten carbide particles are blended to create a precise combination of carbide protection for your specific application. Both standard and custom shapes and geometries can be produced.

Quality materials and proven manufacturing methods are only part of the equation. At Kennametal, we are aware that our expertise is only beneficial if we truly understand your challenge.

Application Support

Identifying the right materials for your application is the first step, but you also need proven manufacturing methods and application expertise to solve complex wear issues. Through our network of global manufacturing operations and application engineers, we leverage our materials science and manufacturing expertise to develop solutions that continually reset performance standards.

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