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For any application, providing an unparalleled combination of accuracy and clamping force.

High Performance

Universal solution for drilling and tapping.

Slim Line

For long-reach applications and narrow conditions.

Activation of the chuck is achieved by turning the piston screw, which pressurizes the hydraulic fluid and exerts force on a thin-walled membrane along the length of the clamping bore.

This highly concentric clamping force not only holds the tool shank more securely, but also produces a dampening effect that reduces vibration and helps eliminate micro-cracking on cutting edges.


  • Highest clamping force in the industry.
  • Diameter 20 and 32mm: Runout of 3 μm or less at 2.5x diameter overhang [6 μm for diameter 50mm].
  • Balanced G2.5 at 25.000 RPM, delivering precision.
  • 3 clamping bore sizes for all applications. 20, 32, and 50mm.
  • Short projection length and 40% thicker front wall enabling high cutting parameters and optimum surface quality.
  • 3x higher clamping force than High-Performance line.

All part of the First Choice Program

Easy to select, easy to order, easy to apply, exceptional performance. Learn more about First Choice:

Reducer sleeve anatomy
Hydraulic Extension
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KM40TS™ Shank Tools

Hydraulic Chucks

KM40TS™ Shank Tools

Hydraulic Chucks Standard Line

ISO - KM40TSHC12075M
Grade - N/A
Product # 3960501
Web Title ISO ANSI First Choice Product #
Hydraulic Chucks KM40TSHC10070M KM40TSHC10070M No 3960500
Hydraulic Chucks KM40TSHC08065M KM40TSHC08065M No 3960499
Hydraulic Chucks KM40TSHC06065M KM40TSHC06065M No 3960498
Hydraulic Chucks KM40TSHC050300 KM40TSHC050300 No 3960497
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