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      Kendex™ Negative Inserts
      Kendex™ Negative Inserts
      Kendex™ Negative Inserts
      Kendex™ Negative Inserts


      Kendex™ Negative Inserts

      SAP Material Number 1877594
      ISO Catalog Number DNGN150712T02020
      ANSI Catalog Number DNG453T0820
      Grade KY1615
      [D] Insert IC Size 12.7000
      [D] Insert IC Size .5000
      [L10] Insert Cutting Edge Length 15.5040
      [L10] Insert Cutting Edge Length .6104
      [S] Insert Thickness 7.9400
      [S] Insert Thickness .3125
      [Rε] Corner Radius 1.2000
      [Rε] Corner Radius .0468
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      Workpiece Materials

      H Hardened Materials

      Machine Side


      Workpiece Side



      • KY1615

        composition: An advanced alumina/TiC ceramic grade (black).
        application: Great combination of toughness and wear resistance; used
        for machining alloy steels, tool steels, and stainless steels to 60 HRC
        (653 HB). It is also applied in finish turning and boring of cast irons.

        H Hardened Materials
      • KY4300

        Composition: Whisker ceramic with a matrix of AI2O3 + SiCW.
        Application: The SiC whiskers embedded in the micro structure give this ceramic excellent toughness for cutting high-temp alloys and cast materials with high Brinell hardness.

        S High-Temp Alloys
      • KY4400

        Composition: A PVD TiN coating over an aluminium oxide and titanium carbonitride composite ceramic (Al2O3/TiCN).
        Application: Used for finish turning of hardened steels and irons (greater than 45 HRC). Where possible, use under dry conditions in smooth or varied depths of cut. Can also be applied in finish turning of nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, and powder metals.

        H Hardened Materials
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