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KSEM PLUS™ • Side Inserts For B1 Heads • DFC™ DS Geometry
KSEM PLUS™ • Side Inserts For B1 Heads • DFC™ DS Geometry
KSEM PLUS™ • Side Inserts For B1 Heads • DFC™ DS Geometry
KSEM PLUS™ • Side Inserts For B1 Heads • DFC™ DS Geometry

Modular Drills

KSEM PLUS™ • Side Inserts For B1 Heads • DFC™ DS Geometry

SAP Material Number 6025898
ISO Catalog Number DFC070416D45DS
ANSI Catalog Number DFC070416D45DS
Grade KCU40
[LI] Insert Length 18.0000
[LI] Insert Length .7090
[W] Insert Width 14.5000
[W] Insert Width .5710
[D1] Insert Hole Size 4.4000
[D1] Insert Hole Size .1730
[S] Insert Thickness 4.7500
[S] Insert Thickness .1870
[Rε] Corner Radius 1.6000
[Rε] Corner Radius .0630
[Clearance Angle Major 7.5000
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Workpiece Material


Features and benefits

  • Drill Fix DFC inserts for KSEM Plus B1 heads feature a rhombic shape that creates a steeper cutting angle to prevent lid generation in material stacks.

DFC inserts provide lateral guidance and good hole quality.

  • DS Geometry for Improved control of chip flow, chip breakage, and chip curling

These inserts support drilling in P0 and P1 steel, higher alloyed tool steels, and stainless steels where high feed rates cannot be used to provide short chips.

  • KCU25™ grade has high metal removal rates. With its advanced TiCN-Al-CVD coating, it excels with superior tool life in stable working conditions.

  • KCU40™ is your first choice for high reliability when machining most materials for applications with medium cutting speeds. It features a multilayered TiAlN-PVD coating, providing high wear resistance in challenging conditions.

  • Two indexable cutting edges.


  • KCU25

    Turning Composition: An advanced PVD grade with hard AlTiN coating and fine-grain unalloyed substrate. The new and improved coating improves edge stability with wide range speed and feed capabilities.

    Turning Application: The KCU25 grade is ideal for general machining of most steels, stainless steels, high-temp alloys, titanium, irons, and non-ferrous materials in a wide range of speeds and feeds with improved edge toughness for interrupted cut and high feed rates.

    Holemaking Composition: Advanced CVD TiCN-Al2O3 coating combined with a tough carbide substrate.

    Holemaking Application: First choice for steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. This grade offers adequate deformation resistance, excellent edge strength, and superior wear resistance over a wide range of machining conditions for high productivity with very good reliability.

  • KCU40

    Composition: Multilayered TiN-TiAlN-PVD coating and a tough substrate, that withstands interruptions and provides high wear resistance for long tool life.
    Application: KCU40 is the first choice for high reliability in most materials. This grade should be used at medium speeds and high feeds due to sharper edges. KCU40 covers steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and high-temperature alloys for high toughness applications under certain conditions.