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Pin Clamping
Pin Clamping
Pin Clamping
Pin Clamping

Beyond™ RU & UP Geometries

Pin Clamping

SAP Material Number 4035586
ISO Catalog Number RCMX3209M0RU
ANSI Catalog Number RCMX3209M0RU
Grade KCK20
[D] Insert IC Size 32.0000
[D] Insert IC Size 1.259
[D1] Insert Hole Size 9.7800
[D1] Insert Hole Size .3850
[S] Insert Thickness 9.5250
[S] Insert Thickness .3750
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Workpiece Material



  • KCK20

    Composition: A specially toughened MTCVD-TICN-Al2O3 coating over a wear-resistant substrate.
    Application: The KCK20 grade is specifically engineered to maximise coating adhesion and edge strength making this grade ideal in wet interrupted cutting of grey and ductile irons. It can be used in a wide range of applications from finishing to roughing to maximise productivity wherever strength and reliability are needed.

  • KCP10

    Composition: A specially engineered cobalt-enriched carbide grade with thick MTCVD-TiCN-Al2O3 coating for maximum wear resistance.
    Application: An excellent finishing to medium machining grade for a variety of workpiece materials, including most steels, ferritic, martensitic, and PH stainless steels, and cast irons. The cobalt-enriched substrate offers a balanced combination of deformation resistance and edge toughness, while the thick coating layers offer outstanding abrasion resistance and crater wear resistance for high-speed machining. Smooth coating provides resistance to edge build-up and microchipping and produces excellent surface finishes.

  • KCP25

    Composition: A tough cobalt-enriched carbide grade with a newly designed multilayer MTCVD-TiCN-Al2O3 coating with superior interlayer adhesion.
    Application: Best general-purpose turning grade for most steels and ferritic and martensitic stainless steels. The substrate design ensures adequate deformation resistance with excellent insert edge strength. Coating layers offer good wear resistance over a wide range of machining conditions and the post-coat treatment minimises microchipping and improves coating adhesion to substrate leading to long tool life and improved workpiece finishes.

  • KCU10

    Composition: An advanced multilayer PVD coating over a very deformation-resistant unalloyed carbide substrate. The new and improved coating improves edge stability with wide range speed and feed capabilities.
    Application: The KCU10 grade is ideal for finishing to general machining of most workpiece materials at a wide range of speed and feed capabilities. Excellent for machining most steels, stainless steels, cast irons, non-ferrous materials, and super alloys with improved edge toughness and higher cutting speed/feed capability.