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Kenloc™ Inserts
Kenloc™ Inserts
Kenloc™ Inserts
Kenloc™ Inserts

ISO Turning Inserts

Kenloc™ Inserts

SAP Material Number 1161203
ISO Catalog Number VNMS160404
ANSI Catalog Number VNMS331
Grade K68
[D] Insert IC Size 9.5250
[D] Insert IC Size .3750
[L10] Insert Cutting Edge Length 16.6060
[L10] Insert Cutting Edge Length .6538
[S] Insert Thickness 4.7600
[S] Insert Thickness .1875
[Rε] Corner Radius 0.4000
[Rε] Corner Radius .0156
[D1] Insert Hole Size 3.8100
[D1] Insert Hole Size .1500
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Workpiece Material



  • K68

    Composition: A hard, low binder content, alloyed grade WC/Co fine-grain grade.
    Application: The K68 grade has excellent abrasion resistance for machining cast irons, austenitic stainless steels, non-ferrous metals, non-metals, and as an alternative to the K313 grade on most high-temperature alloys. Use as a general-purpose grade for non-ferrous materials.

  • KC5410

    Composition: A PVD TiB2 coating over a very deformation-resistant unalloyed substrate.
    Application: Designed for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing of free machining (hypoeutectic <12,2% Si) aluminium, aluminium alloys, and magnesium alloys. The TiB2 coating is harder than TiN and TiAlN coatings and has an extremely smooth surface, resulting in reduced surface friction, speedy chip flow, and outstanding wear resistance. Built-up edge is prevented because this coating has a very low affinity for aluminium. The substrate is unalloyed and fine grained and offers sharp edges, smooth surfaces, and excellent thermal deformation resistance and edge integrity. Inserts with a ground periphery are polished before coating and have a sharp edge. Moulded inserts have a light hone.