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Modular Drills

KSEM PLUS™ Flanged Shank Bodies

Features and benefits
  • Straight-fluted KSEM PLUS toolholder. Very stable with large chip flutes and a precision FDS head clamping system. Combine with a KSEM PLUS A1 or B1 head and required carbide inserts.

  • Save stock and tooling cost by exchanging a worn head and replacing it with a new one on the same toolholder.

  • Flexibility due to our unique FDS clamping system: A certain size range of heads (A1 or B1) can be used depending on the toolholders FDS size (FDS 28 to FDS 120).

  • Perfect fit in lathe applications with stable double flat shank, featuring a lateral coolant entry on the flange.

  • Custom Solutions: Our KSEM PLUS toolholders are available with all popular shank styles. You can also order KSEM PLUS toolholders with 10° helixed chip flutes (e.g. for better chip removal in cast iron).
Product specifications
Please specify your desire dimensions and tolerances in the Product Specifications table below.
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KSEM PLUS SSF Shanks • 8 x D • Inch

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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade First Choice NA First Choice EMEA First Choice AP [CSWS]System SizeWorkpieceSide [D]Adapter/Shank/Bore Dia Inch [L1]Gage Length 1 Inch [L2]Usable Length Inch [LS] Shank Length Inch
3794836 SSF150FDS321263 SSF150FDS321263 Y N N FDS32 1.5 12.637 10.236 3.75
3794839 SSF150FDS361421 SSF150FDS361421 Y N N FDS36 1.5 14.212 11.496 3.75
3794842 SSF200FDS401586 SSF200FDS401586 Y N N FDS40 2.0 15.866 12.874 4.0
3794905 SSF200FDS451775 SSF200FDS451775 N N N FDS45 2.0 17.755 14.448 4.0
3794908 SSF200FDS501980 SSF200FDS501980 N N N FDS50 2.0 19.803 16.141 4.0
3794911 SSF200FDS562240 SSF200FDS562240 N N N FDS56 2.0 22.401 18.346 4.0
3794914 SSF200FDS632515 SSF200FDS632515 N N N FDS63 2.0 25.157 20.629 4.0
4051140 SSF150FDS281112 SSF150FDS281112 N N N FDS28 1.5 11.142 8.898 3.75

Product Usage

Uses and application

  • Shank - Cylindrical with Flat and Flange

Inserts and Holder Bodies for KSEM PLUS™ SSF Shanks • 8 x D • Inch

KSEM-HPCCL Center Inserts
KSEMP-HPGM Center Inserts
Drill Fix side inserts • DFR-GD Geometry
Drill Fix side inserts • DFR-LD Geometry
Drill Fix side inserts • DFR-MD Geometry
Drill Fix side inserts • DFT-HP Geometry
Drill Fix side inserts • DFT-MD Geometry
Drill Fix Side Inserts • DFC-HP Geometry
Drill Fix Side Inserts • DFC-MD Geometry
KSEM PLUS™ SSF Shanks • 1.5 x D • Inch
KSEM PLUS™ SSF Shanks • 3 x D • Inch
KSEM PLUS™ SSF Shanks • 5 x D • Inch
KSEM PLUS™ SSF Shanks • 10 x D • Inch