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Kennametal EDM Blocks

Tungsten carbide grades serving the industry for over 40 years.

Industry leading grades proven in their application. We use a proprietary process which results in mechanical properties that resist corrosion, pitting and cracking commonly experienced during electrical discharge machining.

Grades That Punch Back

Kennametal EDM Blocks are made by a proprietary stress-relieving sinter-HIP process. Optimized metallurgy ensures pits or cracks won't slow you down.

Our latest grades include the KR Series. KR Grades feature a mix binder that provides corrosion resistance to help reduce EDM times and number of skim cuts.

Our proven grades ensure consistent, reliable performance while stamping a wide range of metals, from silicon steel to beryllium copper, and everything in between.

The right sizes and grades now available for online purchase!

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EDM Blocks

EDM Blocks CD750

EDM Blocks

Standard Blocks • Metric

Grade - CD750
Product # 6099936
Web Title ISO ANSI First Choice Product #
EDM Blocks CD750 KMSB040 KMSB040 No 5952842
EDM Blocks CD750 KMSB350 KMSB350 No 5911270
EDM Blocks CD750 KMSB070 KMSB070 No 5990602
EDM Blocks CD750 KMSB025 KMSB025 No 6099935
EDM Blocks CD750 KMSB080 KMSB080 No 5952845
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