Tech Tip #146 - Application of Metalcutting Fluids

1.0 Benefits of Cutting Fluids
1.1 Increased productivity
1.2 Improved surface finish
1.3 Leaner working conditions
1.4 Longer tool life

2.0 Types of Cutting Fluids and Their Components
2.1 Straight Oils
2.1.1 Mineral oil
2.1.2 Lubricants
2.1.3 Boundary lubricants
2.1.4 Anti-mist agents
2.2 Soluble Oils
2.2.1 Mineral oil
2.2.2 Emulsifiers
2.2.3 Coupling agents
2.2.4 Lubricant package
2.2.5 Biocides
2.2.6 Antifoams
2.3 Semi-Synthetic
2.3.1 Mineral oil
2.3.2 Emulsifiers
2.3.3 Lubricant package
2.3.4 Rust preventative
2.3.5 Buffers
2.3.6 Biocides
2.3.7 Water
2.3.8 Antifoams
2.4 Synthetics
2.4.1 Wetting agents
2.4.2 Lubricant package
2.4.3 Soaps
2.4.4 Rust preventative
2.4.5 Biocides
2.4.6 Water

3.0 Basic Roles of Cutting Fluids
3.1 Cooling
3.2 Lubrication
3.3 Tool life performance assistance
3.4 Wash action and chip removal from the work area
3.5 Corrosion protection for both the machine tools and workpiece
3.6 Cleanliness of machine surfaces

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