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pattern insert wear

What's Your Challenge in High-Temp Alloys?

Let’s address a common challenge faced when machining high-temperature alloys (INCONEL®, titanium, and other heat-resistant alloys).

The Component: Components machined from INCONEL® bar stock

Your Challenge: Controlling the expenses involved with machining high-temperature alloys. These materials are already expensive compared to more traditional materials like steel and cast iron, and the cost to machine these abrasive alloys compounds the expense.

effect of concentrated stress

What You Need: A solution that stands up against the accelerated carbide tool wear caused by the abrasive nature of INCONEL and similar high-temperature alloys.

It can be difficult to control the chip in these alloys, which leads to premature insert failure in turning applications.

Typical inserts usually wear in a “V” pattern and are subject to concentrated stress at “V” point. This concentrates stress leads to insert failure.

Kennametal’s Solution: The new Beyond™ turning grade KCU10™ wears in a “U” pattern, rather than the V-pattern.

This broader wear pattern dissipates heat and stress across the insert edge, similar to an architectural arch. This means less wear and premature insert failure.

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