Blast Ninja Nozzles Product Family

Exceptional Wear Resistance & Unmatched Performance

Everyday Kennametal abrasive blasting nozzles meet the challenges of demanding environments. Our abrasive blast nozzles are backed by outstanding customer service and technical support.

Kennametal has recently announced an exciting addition to its leading portfolio of abrasive blast nozzles for advanced surface preparation, the Blast Ninja™. Designed to deliver improved productivity and enhanced hearing protection, the Blast Ninja is a premium nozzle, providing customers with a military grade product that is compliant with OSHA guidelines.

A game-changer for the abrasive blasting industry, the Blast Ninja reduces air exit velocity while maintaining particle velocity, resulting in a significant reduction in noise production at the source while maintaining blasting production.

Blast Ninja nozzles set the new standard in performance, worker safety, and productivity.


  • Durable carbide insert construction
  • Expected nozzle life with expendable abrasives is up to 500 hours, similar to a conventional tungsten carbide nozzle.
  • Strip rate equal to, or better than standard venturi nozzles
  • Reduction in hazardous noise exposure by up to 17 dB(A)
  • Greatly reduced incidence of operator hearing damage
  • Reduced OSHA noise citations


How it Works: The Technology Behind the Nozzle

Blast Ninja is a next-generation abrasive blast nozzle that significantly reduces noise exposure at the source. The proprietary technology leverages years of aero-acoustic research conducted on jet engine noise reduction and was created in partnership with the U.S. Air Force and Office of Naval Research.

Blast Ninja reduces nozzle air exit velocity while maintaining particle velocity – therefore reducing noise production at the source while maintaining blasting production. Oceanit performed many years of extensive fluid dynamic modeling, lab analysis, field trials, and rigorous operator testing in various conditions to arrive at the final Blast Ninja™ product.

Long Venturi Nozzles vs. Blast Ninja vs. Background Noise in dB
Chart comparing noise level dB(A) to Maximum exposure time (in an 8-hour working day/shift)

OSHA Compliance

OSHA has implemented noise exposure limits for the worker’s health and safety. Exposure to high levels of noise can lead to: hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, and chronic fatigue. As a rule of thumb, every 3 dB change represents a halving of sound energy.

The table provides guidance on how long someone can be safely exposed to different noise levels without wearing hearing protection.

At 115 dB, the average volume of abrasive blasting operations, OSHA regulations allow for just 15 minutes of exposure. Operator downtime creates excess costs associated with an idle asset. Per OSHA requirements, better hearing protection does not reduce worker noise exposure. Only by reducing sound at its source will a worker experience non-hazardous noise.

In certain conditions, Blast Ninja can meet OSHA’s noise standard compliance 29 CFR 1910.95 of four hours of exposure, meaning that operators are protected, and productive work time is improved. The standard uses a 5 dBA exchange rate; so for every 5 dBA TWA increase in noise permissible exposure time is cut in half. The reduction in employee exposure to hazardous noise to below the OSHA 8-Hour Time Weighted Average alleviates employer’s need to modify employees’ current practices, reduces the likelihood of injury in the case of PPE failure, and ensures that personnel in adjacent “safe zones” are guaranteed to be safe from exposure.

Kennametal Delivers Value with Abrasive Blast Nozzles

Kennametal is a leading manufacturer of blast nozzles and related flow control devices for contractor abrasive blasting in the construction industry, and for suction and pressure blast cabinets in the manufacturing industry. Offering tungsten carbide, BP200 SiAlON, boron carbide, and aluminum oxide nozzles and inserts in hundreds of sizes and styles, Kennametal can provide the solution to meet your every need. 


• Venturi Nozzles

• Special Venturi Nozzle

• Straight Bore Nozzles

• Angle Nozzles

• Wet Blast Nozzles

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