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Building Better with Dynamic Partnerships

We are an industry leader when it comes to accuracy, speed and versatility. With over 80 years of experience, we have established relationships with key customers, machine tool builders, suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who partner with us to support the industry's transition from ICE to EV production. Today we are enhancing those partnerships to expand our reach, impact and better serve customers' hybrid and EV needs.

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Automotive Expertise Powered from the Core

No one knows automotive machining like Kennametal. We’re extending our proven and longstanding expertise in developing solutions for traditional automotive manufacturing to the unique challenges of EV and hybrid machining.

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Skilled in Aluminum Machining

We equip customers with aluminum-machining solutions designed to deliver high-precision holes, outstanding surface quality and burr-free surfaces. Due to its relatively soft properties, aluminum is typically machined at high spindle speeds, and Kennametal has the tools and experience to support the most effective aluminum machining.

Legacy in Automotive

As a global leader in automotive machining solutions for more than 80 years, Kennametal has forged a legacy in the industry based on accuracy, speed and versatility. From Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) production to Electric Vehicles (EV) and everything in between, we machine solutions that drive productivity. We are helping customers grow and evolve in EV and hybrid spaces with custom and standard tools to manufacture components — a direct result of not only our legacy in automotive solutions, but also of our growing and modernized manufacturing footprint in more than 60 countries.

Industry Solutions: Equipped for EV Production

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions that machine tool builders, suppliers and OEMs need to produce EV and hybrid components.

EV Stator Housing

Aluminum Housings and Covers

Housings and covers in EVs use aluminum alloys. The most complex machining challenges in these components come from thin walls, large diameter requirements and geometric tolerances such as concentricity between the main bore and bearing bore.

Suggested Solutions:

EV Battery Housing

Battery Housings

Battery housings are typically machined from aluminum casting alloys or aluminum extrusion profiles. Aluminum with low silicon content typically produces long chips and is more susceptible to built-up edges on tooling, thin walls and delamination in composite materials.

Suggested Solutions:

EV Subframe Structural Component

Structural Components

Structural components are often made of aluminum extrusion profiles and castings. Machining challenges for these components come from thin walls and fixturing difficulties that cause unstable machining conditions.

Suggested Solutions:

EV Ring Gear


Gears are made of steel with a combination of hard and soft turning using primarily standard tooling solutions.

Suggested Solutions:

EV Rotors and Shafts

Rotors and Shafts

Rotors and shafts are often machined using primarily standard tooling solutions for various types of steel with high surface hardness and good core toughness such as case-hardened steel, forged steel and heat-treatable steel.

Suggested Solutions:

EV CFRP Component

Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Components


CFRP components experience surface quality issues including delamination, fiber pull out, uncut fibers and breakout, causing rapid flank wear on turning inserts due to the composite's abrasive nature.

Suggested Solutions:

EV Battery

Battery Cell

At the heart of every EV is the battery and each vehicle typically needs hundreds to thousands of battery cells to operate. The production of these cells involves the handling of abrasive minerals that wears and corrodes processing equipment.

Suggested Solutions:

EV Quick Facts

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66 Million Units and Growing

According to S&P 500 Global Mobility, the annual production of electric motors is forecast to exceed 66 million units by 2025. Thanks to our proven EV solutions and global manufacturing footprint, Kennametal can serve as a key strategic partner to the entire EV supply chain.


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20% Further with Aluminum

Aluminum is a lightweight material that plays a large role in electric vehicles. According to Cutting Tool Engineering, if a vehicle's weight is reduced by 20% it should be able to travel 20% further on the same charge. Contact us and learn more about our tools that deliver some of the most effective aluminum machining on the market.


Continuous Innovation Using Additive Manufacturing

Kennametal is utilizing 3D printing design freedoms in select production environments to continually innovate new machining solutions for internal combustion engine vehicles, hybrid and electric vehicles. By leveraging these design freedoms, we are able to improve overall customer go-to-market lead times. By applying both additive and traditional manufacturing processes, Kennametal aims to reduce manufacturing costs, lead times and improve operational efficiencies with machine tool builders, OEMs and tier customers.

Global Application Support

We support local machine tool builders, OEMs and suppliers through a global applications team that can engineer a solution around various complex machines, fixtures and workpiece conditions.

Diverse Manufacturing Footprint Icon

Diverse Manufacturing Footprint

We pride ourselves in providing consistent manufacturing application support and ensuring that reliable information is shared from one region to the next.

CAS Support Icon

Technical Support

Our Global Technical Support Team is available to solve machining challenges both in chat and by phone.

GSE Support icon

GSE Support

Our Global Solutions Engineering (GSE) team is available to work with local machine tool builders, OEMs and tiers through a highly skilled global application team capable of engineering a solution around various complex machines, fixtures and workpiece conditions.

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