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COVID-19: How Kennametal is responding

Let's Crank Up Automotive Production

Cars go fast and are going green. So should the production lines that make them. Faster and better production is greater efficiency. Greater efficiency is higher volume and less fuel consumption. And higher volume and less fuel use is what it’s all about.



Crankshaft production needs to be efficient and volume needs to be high for an automaker to be profitable. Automakers know this. So does Kennametal. Our goal is to guide you in the best crankshaft production processes, not tool your machine.

We engineer solutions. That’s why we partner with machine tool builders to crank up their machining lines based on production needs, such as highest speed cutting. We want to show you consistent machining methods to help you be the most efficient crankshaft manufacturer.

We develop processes for more efficient cycle times, determine the tools and the number of effective cutting edges for those cycle times, and assess run-out and surface quality. Kennametal works to understand your capabilities, so you can benefit from our market leadership in crankshaft machining.

In a recent success, we worked with a machine tool builder to develop a new insert that increases cutting speeds two-fold on their crankshaft production line. What can this mean to the bottom line? Moving from two finishing machines to one, because one machine capacity is now doubled.