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致 Kennametal 场所所有供应商访客的通知

访客和供应商仅限关键业务目的,所有访客均须遵守 Kennametal COVID 协议,其中包括在现场保持社交距离(6 英尺/2 米)。所有访客必须填写访客安全检查清单,并向您的场所联系人提供副本。 根据回答,如果在检查清单上发现风险,您可能被禁止入内。请查看以下指南,如有任何问题或疑虑,请通知您的 Kennametal 联系人。

欢迎访问 Kennametal 的供应商信息页面


作为一家全球性公司,Kennametal 要求供应商具有全球能力,且提供可靠的成本、供应、服务和质量。Kennametal 对诚信的承诺覆盖其多样化的全球供应基地。Kennametal 的所有供应商都应按照《Kennametal 供应商行为准则》中的规定,以高度的诚信和负责任的态度开展业务。供应商还应熟悉其供应商和分包商的业务惯例,并确保其遵守相同的准则。

在当下充满挑战的全球环境中,我们与供应商通力合作,努力解决降低成本、消除浪费和提升效率等方方面面的问题。我们邀请潜在供应商在我们的 Ariba 网络上注册,查看我们的《供应商行为准则》,并阅读我们的采购条款和条件。

Kennametal 继续扩大与 SAP 的现有合作伙伴关系,以涵盖众多 SAP Ariba 模块,支持从采购到支付流程的自动化。 最值得注意的是:

对于竞争性投标,我们要求使用 Ariba e-Sourcing 来推动公平、透明和真正的竞争流程。

为了与供应商进行业务往来,我们全面致力于将 Ariba 网络作为从采购到支付的电子解决方案(利用全面启用和精简账户)。 我们相信 Ariba 网络会为 Kennametal 和供应商提供价值,在处理采购订单、订单确认、发票等各种文件时实现更为有效、更为高效的业务开展方式。

要了解有关 Ariba 网络的更多信息,我们推荐供应商访问以下链接:


Notice to all suppliers visiting a Kennametal location

Visitors and Suppliers are limited to business-critical visitors only and all visitors must adhere to the Kennametal COVID protocols which includes maintaining social distance while onsite (6ft/2m). All visitors must complete the visitor safety checklist and supply a copy to your location contact.  Based on the responses, there is a possibility that you may not be granted entry if there is a risk identified on the checklist. Please review the guidelines provided and inform your Kennametal contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Welcome to Kennametal’s Supplier Information Page

This information is designed to acquaint potential and existing suppliers with our company, culture, and supply chain objectives and directives.

As a global company, Kennametal requires suppliers who have global capabilities and are reliable in cost, supply, service and quality. Kennametal’s commitment to integrity extends to its diverse and worldwide supply base. All of Kennametal’s suppliers are expected to conduct their business with a high degree of integrity and in a responsible manner as set forth in the Kennametal Principles of Supplier Conduct. Suppliers are also expected to be familiar with the business practices of their suppliers and sub-contractors and ensure they abide by the same guidelines.

Working collaboratively with our suppliers, we strive to address all aspects of cost reduction, waste elimination, and efficiency improvement in this challenging global environment. Potential suppliers are invited to register on our Ariba network, view our Principles of Supplier Conduct and read through our Terms and Conditions for purchase.

Kennametal continues to expand our existing partnership with SAP to include numerous SAP Ariba modules to support automation of Source to Pay process.  Most notably:

For competitive bids, we require the use of Ariba e-Sourcing to drive a fair, transparent and truly competitive process.

To transact business with suppliers, we are fully committed to the Ariba Network as our Procure to Pay electronic solution (leveraging Full Enablement and Light Account).  We believe the Ariba Network provides value to both Kennametal and our suppliers to realize a more effective and efficient means of conducting business as we transact various documents such as Purchase Orders, Order Acknowledgements, Invoices and more.

To learn more about the Ariba Network, we encourage suppliers to visit the following link:

Note: within this site, suppliers can also secure an understanding of the potential fees (based on the magnitude of spend and the number of transactions)

All Kennametal suppliers will be required to complete a confidentiality agreement, contingency plan, supplier quality survey, and/or ISO certificate.

Kennametal 的所有供应商都需要完成保密协议、应急计划、供应商质量调查,和/或 ISO(国际标准化组织)证书。

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