Rod Blanks

Kennametal 提供多种可承受极端高温、振动和冲击磨损的微晶粒和亚微粒材质以供选择。Our products are sinter-HIP processed for ISO 9002 certified manufacturing facilities.

We offer:

  • pressed and extruded unground, ground and polished rods with or without chamfers
  • rod products that can be ground to h6 tolerances
  • a variety of grades that provide exceptional wear and impact resistance
  • grades for use in end mills, reamers, drills, countersinks, engraving tools, routers, and other rotary tools
  • grades for use in a broad range of applications in almost any material

Solid Rods and Rods with Coolant

Kennametal manufactures 12” (330mm) length rods with single hold, straight two-hole, and 30° spiral two-hole coolant holes, in diameters from 5.8mm to 25.4mm. High-performance gun drill rod blanks are available.

Cut-to-Length (CTL) Rod

我们是业内提供最完整的 CTL 磨制件系列产品的厂商之一。Premium grades, standard and micro-finished surface finish, and h6 ISO diameter tolerances in inch and metric lengths and diameters. Special preform features are available, including male center, female center, ballnose, step reduction, and shaped points.

metal cutting blanks

Metal Cutting Tool Blanks

We have a complete line of metal cutting tool blanks in a wide selection of tungsten carbide grades with binders ranging from  5.5% to 25%, and grain sizes to suit your application. 我们提供的完全由碳化钨和钴结合剂组成的材质适合大多数磨损应用,提供的由碳化钨和碳化钛添加剂组成的混合材质可以防金属间磨损。


我们生产多种毛坯式样,如用于钎焊刀具和成型刀具的 K1000 和 STB 毛坯,SNR、SPR、TNR、TNRA、TNRC、TPR、TPS、UVDB 等标准可转位刀片毛坯,以及根据您的规格设计加工的具有特殊槽型的定制毛坯。大多数刀片都被压制到具有最小磨削余量的规格,以帮助您降低磨削成本。

insert blanks



我们生产多种样式的毛坯,从 K1000 到 K6000、STB 毛坯,并可以根据您的规格生产具有特殊槽型的定制毛坯。

Gear Cutting Blanks

We manufacture tungsten carbide hob blanks and specialty gear cutting blanks that are used to make spur and helical gears. They have excellent metallurgical quality and geometrical accuracy and can be ground and reconditioned.


Our hob blanks are designed for even, consistent cutting with better overall productivity and efficiency in a variety of gear materials.

Kennametal hob blanks are available in these ISO P and K grades:

材质: Cobalt %     WC %      Other Carbide %      硬度(HRC) Grain Size
KF1 6 93.7 0.3 1740 精加工
KMS 10 89.3 0.7 1550 精加工
PFF 10 74.3 15.7 1600 精加工

KF1 and KMS are micro-grain grades with an average grain size in the raw material < 1μm. Use grade KF1 when high wear resistance is required. Use grade KMS when very good bending strength is needed. Grade PFF contains a gamma phase, with high elevated-temperature hardness and edge retention.

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