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KSSM™ • IC 10 • Adjustable

KSSS™ • Shell Mount

Features and benefits
  • Rapid adjustment and setting via unique cam adjustment mechanism.

  • Large selection of insert geometries and grades to cut most workpiece materials.

  • Four insert cutting edges.

  • Large selection of insert radii.

  • Wiper insert facets for superior surface finishes.
Product specifications
Product # 2268625
ISO Catalog Number KSSS400BSP10N551-630
ANSI Catalog Number KSSS400BSP10N551-630
[D1]Effective Cutting Dia In 4
[D]Adapter/Shank/Bore Dia Inch 1.0
[D6] Hub Diameter Inch 2.132
[BMIN]Cutting Width Minimum In .5510
[BMAX]Cutting Width Maximum In .6300
[CDX]Radial MaxDepth of Cut In .8720
[L1]Gage Length Inch 2.072
Number of Inserts 3
Num Eff Cut Edges on Face 3
Max RPM 17100
Weight Pounds 2.49
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Shell Mount • Slotting Cutting • .551–.630" Adjustment Range

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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade [D1]Effective Cutting Dia In [D]Adapter/Shank/Bore Dia Inch [D6] Hub Diameter Inch [BMIN]Cutting Width Minimum In [BMAX]Cutting Width Maximum In [CDX]Radial MaxDepth of Cut In [L1]Gage Length Inch Number of Inserts Num Eff Cut Edges on Face Max RPM Weight Pounds
2268625 KSSS400BSP10N551-630 KSSS400BSP10N551-630 4 1.0 2.132 .5510 .6300 .8720 2.072 3 3 17100 2.49

Product Usage

Uses and application

  • Slotting: Side with AE/AP dimensions

Spare Parts for KSSM™ Slotting Cutters • 10 mm IC Inserts • KSSS™ Shell Mount • .551" to .709" Adjustment Range