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      Płytki Kenloc™
      Płytki Kenloc™
      Płytki Kenloc™
      Płytki Kenloc™


      Płytki Kenloc™

      SAP Material Number 3751522
      ISO Catalog Number RNMG190600
      ANSI Catalog Number RNMG64
      Grade KCP25
      [D] Insert IC Size 19.0500 mm
      [D] Insert IC Size .7500 in
      [S] Insert Thickness 6.3500 mm
      [S] Insert Thickness .2500 in
      [D1] Insert Hole Size 7.9300 mm
      [D1] Insert Hole Size .3125 in
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      Workpiece Materials

      P Steel
      K Cast Iron

      Machine Side


      Workpiece Side



      • K313

        Composition: A hard, low binder content, unalloyed WC/Co fine-grain grade.
        Application: Exceptional edge wear resistance combined with very high strength for machining titanium, cast irons, austenitic stainless steels, non-ferrous metals, non-metals, and most high-temp alloys. Superior thermal deformation and depth-of-cut notch resistance. The grain structure is well controlled for minimal pits and flaws, which contributes to long, reliable service.

        S High-Temp Alloys
        N Non-Ferrous
      • KC810


      • KC850

        composition: A CVD tri-phase coating on an extra-strong, cobalt-enriched
        alloyed substrate.
        application: Designed for heavy cutting of low-, medium-, and high-carbon
        steels, medium hardness alloy and tool steels, stainless steels, and some
        high-temperature alloys. Excellent thermal and mechanical shock resistance
        makes grade KC850 ideally suited for difficult drilling applications.
        Used in inserts for Kendex/Metcut drill bodies.

        P Steel
        M Stainless Steel
      • KC9025
      • KC910
      • KC9110

        Composition: Specially engineered, cobalt-enriched carbide grade with thick K-MTCVD-TiCN coating layer, an Al2O3 layer of controlled grain size, and outer layers of TiCN and TiN for maximum abrasion and wear resistance for high-speed machining.
        Application: An excellent finishing to medium machining grade for a variety of workpiece materials including most steels, ferritic and martensitic stainless steels, and cast irons. A balanced combination of deformation resistance and edge toughness. The smooth coating resists built-up edge and microchipping. For rougher cutting, use the KC9125 grade.

      • KC9120
      • KC9125RR
        P Steel
      • KC9140

        composition. A newly engineered, tough carbide grade with an advance multi-layered TiN-MT-TiCN-Al203-TiN coating.
        Application. For heavy roughing applications of alloy steels where insert edge strength is critical. A specially designed coating ensures excellent interlayer adhesion and long tool length.

      • KC9145
      • KC935


      • KC950


      • KC990
      • KCP25

        Composition: A tough cobalt-enriched carbide grade with a newly designed multilayer MTCVD-TiCN-Al2O3 coating with superior interlayer adhesion.
        Application: Best general-purpose turning grade for most steels and ferritic and martensitic stainless steels. The substrate design ensures adequate deformation resistance with excellent insert edge strength. Coating layers offer good wear resistance over a wide range of machining conditions and the post-coat treatment minimises microchipping and improves coating adhesion to substrate leading to long tool life and improved workpiece finishes.

        P Steel
        K Cast Iron
      • KCP40

        Composition: A tough carbide grade with a moderately thick TiN-MT-TiCN-Al2O3 coating.
        Application: For heavy roughing of carbon, alloy, and stainless steels. The substrate-coating combination provides unbelievable toughness and operational security allowing high metal removal rates even in most demanding interrupted cuts.

        P Steel
        M Stainless Steel
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