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In compression, the strength of tungsten carbide (WC) is greater than any material ever known. Combined with its high thermal conductivity, intense strength, and extreme stiffness, tungsten carbide is the choice material for all types of metal forming and cutting tools.

Why Choose Kennametal?

We manufacture high-quality refractory tungsten powders through automated reduction, carburization, milling and spray drying processes.

We manufacture powders to customer specifications and provide technical manufacturing support for pressing and sintering, as well as full service metallurgical evaluation, chemical analysis, grade application, failure analysis and CVD/PVD coating know-how.

All powder is commercially uniform in purity. The chemical and physical analyses are determined for each production lot of powder by using commercially accepted methods. The results of all relevant tests are reported to the customer on a Certificate of Analysis.



Coarse-Grained Tungsten

Produced by a Kennametal proprietary decarburization process, this polycrystalline form of tungsten is most often used in hot press matrices.

  • Intended for applications that use non-thermal powder consolidation technologies (tungsten– polymer/elastomer, deformable metal binder, etc.)
  • Special powder processing services available for narrow distribution increased apparent density, and/or high flowability
  • Coarse particle sizes with low alkali metal content are ideal for thermal spray
  • Widely used for lead-free ammunition and moldable radiation shielding products
  • Useful as a pour-in high-density filling material for irregularly shaped cavities to add weight or radiation attenuation

   Grade Name   

   US Mesh Size   

   Order Code   

SCNC024 40 x 80 1584615
SCNC048 60 x 100 1584620
SCNC076 100 x 140
SCNC100 170 x 325 1584636
SCNC093 140 x 200
SCNC104 200 x 325
SCNC121 -325 1584647

Conventional Carburized WC

Produced by solid carburization of tungsten powder, this polycrystalline material is used in diamond tools as a harder and wear rate modifier.

Once mixed with cobalt and binder, tungsten carbide is pressed and sintered. Sintered tungsten is used to cut steel, drill circuit boards, and a multitude of other high tech applications in the automobile and aerospace industries and beyond. 

  • Polycrystalline
  • Loosely agglomerated
  • Available in several grades from 0.8 micron to 4.8 micronmesh to micron sizes

   Grade Name   


   Order Code   

WA001 3.5-3.8 1584676
WCA12KBLF 1.15-1.60 1584676
WAC50BLZ - 1586872
WCOSM 4.8-MIN 3657457
WCOSM2 4.8-MIN 3733379

Chill Cast Carbide KF-110F

This material is produced by the high-temperature reaction of tungsten and carbon via a casting process. Blends are reacted in graphite, cast, and then crushed to size. Cast tungsten carbide is among the hardest and most abrasion-resistant materials used in diamond tooling.

  • Used extensively as wear rate modifier in the hot-press bonding system & infiltration process
  • Available from 40 US mesh (420 micron) down through -400 mesh (37 micron)

   Grade Name   

   US Mesh Size   

   Order Code   

DMW2C027 200 x 400 1584117
DMW2C028 60 x 80 1584118
DMW2C029 60 x 100 1584119
DMW2C033 80 X 200 1584122
DMW2C037 140 X 200 1584124
DMW2C038 140 X 325 1584125
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