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COVID-19 : La réponse de Kennametal

Notice to all suppliers visiting a Kennametal location

Visitors and suppliers at all Kennametal facilities are limited to business-critical and must adhere to our safety protocols. All visitors/suppliers are required to verify that they have not traveled to a country or state on the CDC risk assessment list or knowingly come in contact with someone who has traveled to those areas or was known to have COVID-19. Anyone falling into those categories will not be granted entry. The full visitor questionnaire and guidelines are listed below.

Welcome to Kennametal’s Supplier Information Page.

This information is designed to acquaint potential and existing suppliers with our company, culture, and supply chain objectives and directives.

As a global company, Kennametal requires suppliers who have global capabilities and are reliable in cost, supply, service and quality. Kennametal’s commitment to integrity extends to its diverse and worldwide supply base. All of Kennametal’s suppliers are expected to conduct their business with a high degree of integrity and in a responsible manner as set forth in the Kennametal Principles of Supplier Conduct. Suppliers are also expected to be familiar with the business practices of their suppliers and sub-contractors and ensure they abide by the same guidelines.

Working collaboratively with our suppliers, we strive to address all aspects of cost reduction, waste elimination, and efficiency improvement in this challenging global environment. Potential suppliers are invited to register on our Ariba network, view our Principles of Supplier Conduct and read through our Terms and Conditions for purchase.

Kennametal continues to expand our existing partnership with SAP to include numerous SAP Ariba modules to support automation of Source to Pay process.  Most notably:

For competitive bids, we require the use of Ariba e-Sourcing to drive a fair, transparent and truly competitive process.

To transact business with suppliers, we are fully committed to the Ariba Network as our Procure to Pay electronic solution (leveraging Full Enablement and Light Account).  We believe the Ariba Network provides value to both Kennametal and our suppliers to realize a more effective and efficient means of conducting business as we transact various documents such as Purchase Orders, Order Acknowledgements, Invoices and more. 

To learn more about the Ariba Network, we encourage suppliers to visit the following link

Note within this site, suppliers can also secure an understanding of the potential fees (based on the magnitude of spend and the number of transactions)