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Tech Tip #129 - Using Hydraulic Chucks

  1. Remove all grease from the hydraulic chuck and cutting tools before using.
  2. Insert the cutting tool into the clamping bore as far as the stop pin /stop screw will allow.
  3. Adjust the cutting tool length with a hex wrench.
  4. Always hand-tighten the clamping screw with a hex wrench as far as the stop limit. Never try to adjust the stop pin when the hydraulic chuck is in the clamping position.
  5. For best accuracy, use a round shank (no flats) with h6 tolerance and no bushing.
  6. Weldon shanks can be gripped without reducer collets, ¾” (20 mm) maximum diameter. However, the use of reducer collets for all flatted shanks is recommended.