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      Drill Fix™ DFR™ • GD Inserts
      Drill Fix™ DFR™ • GD Inserts
      Drill Fix™ DFR™ • GD Inserts
      Drill Fix™ DFR™ • GD Inserts

      Drill Fix™ DFR™ • GD Inserts

      Drill Fix™ DFR™ • GD Inserts

      SAP Material Number 5065554
      ISO Catalog Number DFR020204GD
      ANSI Catalog Number DFR020204GD
      Grade KCU40
      [LI] Insert Length 7.1200
      [LI] Insert Length .2803
      [W] Insert Width 4.9000
      [W] Insert Width .1929
      [D1] Insert Hole Size 2.3000
      [D1] Insert Hole Size .0906
      [S] Insert Thickness 2.7900
      [S] Insert Thickness .1098
      [Rε] Corner Radius 0.4000
      [Rε] Corner Radius .0156
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      Workpiece Materials

      P Steel
      M Stainless Steel
      K Cast Iron
      N Non-Ferrous
      S High-Temp Alloys

      Features and benefits

      • Geometria łamacza wióra do zastosowań ogólnych zalecana podczas obróbki materiałów ciągliwych i zapewniających standardową długość wióra.

      • Zalecana w położeniu zewnętrznym.

      Machine Side


      Workpiece Side



      • KC7020

        PVD-TiN coated fine grade carbide
        Highly Wear Resistant, very high level of edge strength
        Particularly for the DRILL-FIX DFR external insert
        First choice for stainless steel
        Also for super-alloys and titanium

      • KC7140

        Composition: PVD TiCN/TiN coated medium-grain carbide with high toughness.

        Application: Best suited for machining of steel and stainless steel. This exceptionally tough grade is perfectly suited for metastable machining conditions offering excellent tool life.

        P Steel
        M Stainless Steel
        S High-Temp Alloys
      • KC7815

        Multi-Layered MT-CVD TiCN-Al203 coating
        Designed for indexable drilling of alloyed steels and some cast irons
        Superior performance when drilling ferrous steels at elevated speeds
        Expect 100% improvement in tool life versus competitive grades
        Use KC7815 in outboard pockets, KC7140 in inboard pockets for optimum performance with DRILL-FIX bodies
        Geometry: GD with honed negative land provides added strength

      • KCPK10

        Composition: Advanced TiCN-Al2O3-CVD coating combined with a cobalt-enriched carbide substrate, this grade offers a balanced combination of deformation resistance and edge toughness.
        Application: KCPK10 offers outstanding abrasion and crater wear resistance for high-speed machining of steels and cast irons. Use for very high cutting speeds with low to medium feed rates.

        P Steel
        K Cast Iron
      • KCU25

        Turning Composition: An advanced PVD grade with hard AlTiN coating and fine-grain unalloyed substrate. The new and improved coating improves edge stability with wide range speed and feed capabilities.

        Turning Application: The KCU25 grade is ideal for general machining of most steels, stainless steels, high-temp alloys, titanium, irons, and non-ferrous materials in a wide range of speeds and feeds with improved edge toughness for interrupted cut and high feed rates.

        Holemaking Composition: Advanced CVD TiCN-Al2O3 coating combined with a tough carbide substrate.

        Holemaking Application: First choice for steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. This grade offers adequate deformation resistance, excellent edge strength, and superior wear resistance over a wide range of machining conditions for high productivity with very good reliability.

        P Steel
        K Cast Iron
      • KCU40

        Composition: Multilayered TiN-TiAlN-PVD coating and a tough substrate, that withstands interruptions and provides high wear resistance for long tool life.
        Application: KCU40 is the first choice for high reliability in most materials. This grade should be used at medium speeds and high feeds due to sharper edges. KCU40 covers steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and high-temperature alloys for high toughness applications under certain conditions.

        P Steel
        M Stainless Steel
        K Cast Iron
        N Non-Ferrous
        S High-Temp Alloys

      OSTRZEŻENIE • Drill Fix DFR

      Dimensions • Chwyt DFR Whistle Notch (WD)

      Dimensions • Chwyt DFR Weldon® • DIN 1835-1, kształt B

      Dimensions • Chwyt stożkowy DFR

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