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      Okuma™ • 径方向固定工具 • KM™ • MMC 009
      Okuma™ • 径方向固定工具 • KM™ • MMC 009
      Okuma™ • 径方向固定工具 • KM™ • MMC 009
      Okuma™ • 径方向固定工具 • KM™ • MMC 009

      径方向固定工具 • KM™ • TACU009KM40SR60907371

      Okuma™ • 径方向固定工具 • KM™ • MMC 009

      SAP Material Number 6411226
      ISO Catalog Number TACU009KM40SR60907371
      ANSI Catalog Number TACU009KM40SR60907371
      [CSWS] System Size Workpiece Side KM40
      Machine Mount Code 009
      [B1] Front Clearance 50.0000
      [B1] Front Clearance 1.969
      [B2] Overall Width 135.0000
      [B2] Overall Width 5.315
      [D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter 60.0
      [D] Adapter / Shank / Bore Diameter 2.362
      [F] F Dimension 30.0000
      [F] F Dimension 1.181
      [FS] Secondary F Dimension 85.0000
      [FS] Secondary F Dimension 3.346
      [H2] Overall Height 95.0000
      [H2] Overall Height 3.740
      [L] Overall Length 133.5000
      [L] Overall Length 5.256
      [L1] Gage Length 90.0000
      [L1] Gage Length 3.543
      [LPR] Protruding Length 113.0000
      [LPR] Protruding Length 4.449
      Coolant Pressure Bar 100.0
      Coolant Pressure PSI 1500.0
      Coolant Delivery I
      Weight Kilograms 6.13
      Torque Catalog Newton Meters 12-16
      Torque Catalog Foot Pounds 9-12
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      Machine Series:
      • Genos L300 MW/MYW

      • LB/LU 2000-3000 EX M/MY/MW/MYW

      • MULTUS U3000, 4000 2S

      Machine Side


      Workpiece Side

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