Tech Tip: Understanding Milling Insert Nomenclature

                      (1)    (2)    (3)    (4)    (5)    (6)    (7)    (8)    (9)    (10)    (11)    (12)    (13)
ANSI Inch      S      E      K      R      4       2     AF     T      N       6       G       D        P

  1. First station indicates shape of insert.
  2. Second station shows relief angle or rake angle of the insert.
  3. The third station provides a working gage for repeatability. It sets tolerance to the I.C. (inscribed circle) and creates a gage tolerance for the I.C. to the over-the-nose radius along with the thickness of the insert.
  4. Fourth station indicates geometry and clamping insert type. It designates with or without hole, shape and size of hole, chipbreaker form, and single- or double-sided insert.
  5. Fifth station indicates I.C. size of the insert.
  6. Sixth station designates insert thickness.
    T = 1/16” inch increments
  7. Seventh station designates corner configuration of the insert.
  8. Cutting edge form
    F for sharp
    E For Honed edge
    T for T-Land
    S for Honed T-Land
  9. Designates N for neutral, R for right-handed, or L for left-handed insert.
  10. Designates facet width of insert.
    2 - .0312”
    3 - .0469”
    4 - .0625”
    6 - .0938”
  11. Edge prep size
    L – Light sharp or lightly honed or T-landed
    G – General Medium hone and/or T-land
    H – Heavy – large hone and/or T-land
  12. Rake face angle
    Angle on insert prior to installation.
    N – 0 degree, A – 3 degree, B – 5 degree, C – 7 degree, P – 11 degree,
    D- 15 degree, E – 20 degree, F - 25 degree, G – 30 degree.
  13. Added Info
    J – polished rake face
    P – partial T-land
    W- Wiper Insert
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