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Carbide Wear Solutions for Centrifugal Separation Equipment

We supply standard and make-to-print wear components from Tungsten Carbide based material. These include sintered carbide blanks and assembled/brazed ready-to-use components. We also perform analytical services to help you develop or improve the service life of your equipment.

Solid & Screen Bowl Decanter Centrifuge Components

  • Scroll Flight Tiles (brazed carbide/steel assembly)
  • Feed and Discharge Nozzles
  • Scraper Bars & Plows
  • Wear Tile Platelets
  • Screen Bars
  • Hardfacing Materials

Support Services

When customers partner with Kennametal, they will have access to our analytical services. Together we can help you develop or improve your products.

Examples of this service include: Failure analysis, material analysis, wear and corrosion tests, and product engineering.

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