Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

We focus our EHS management on our 100% Safe and Protecting our Planet programs. Kennametal’s Executive Management Committee established these ideals to protect our employees and the communities in which they live and work.

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In 2012, our Safety Leadership Team established an ambitious global goal to achieve zero injuries across the organization. To date in fiscal year 2013 (7/1/2013-6/30/2014), a total of 38 manufacturing and distribution locations, and six global business groups, achieved zero injuries.

Programs that support this initiative include:

  • Management Based Safety: A global system enabling leaders to own safety management
  • Safety Leadership Teams: Formal teams of managers and employees managing safety throughout Kennametal
  • Dedicated EHS Professionals: A staff of global team members dedicated to EHS management
  • EHS Teleconferences: Quarterly calls held with Kennametal’s global leadership and manufacturing organizations

In 2007, the Protecting our Planet development team set a goal to achieve a 15 percent reduction in energy use over five years. By 2012, we achieved an 11.7 percent reduction in energy while still  growing the business and facing challenging market conditions. Some of the programs that supported this achievement include:

  • Energy Surveys: Site-specific surveys to identify potential energy improvements
    Lighting Improvements: Installation of energy efficient lighting in manufacturing and office areas
    Process Improvements: Including waste heat recovery and cycle time reductions

Our targets for energy-use reduction in 2014 and beyond include:

  • Energy Champions: Designated staff at Kennametal locations who will raise awareness, lead training, and identify energy saving projects
  • Best Practices: Designed to accelerate energy improvements throughout the company

Our Protecting Our Planet program also encourages employees to lead projects to benefit the community and environment. Examples include:

  • Community Involvement: Outdoor cleanup projects, park restorations, and home improvements
  • Kennametal Carbide Recycling Program: encourages scrap carbide recycling to conserve materials and natural resources globally