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Kennametal manufactures mill rolls from cemented tungsten carbide grade tailored for the demanding environments of hot mills that produce wire rode and rebar.

We deliver mill rolls as semi-finished rolls with ground inner diameter and thickness, or rolls fully finished to your drawing. These mill rolls are manufactured in dimensions of up to Ø400mm outside diameter and a maximum thickness of 200mm.

Application of Kennametal Tungsten Carbide Rolls for Wire Rod Rolling

Wire and rods are hot-rolled between two rolls. Work material deforms and achieves the desired shape and size of the wire or rod.  During the process of rolling, these rolls are subjected to severe thermo-mechanical fatigue in addition to wear. 

Billets are rolled into wire/rod through multiple pass rolling: Roughing Stand, Intermediate Stand, Block Mill and Finishing Stand. 

Rolls are subjected to radial compressive loading, impact during wire biting, thermal shock/fatigue during rolling, hoop stresses because of roll mounting and corrosive wear. 

Properties of Tungsten Carbide depend on binder material, amount of binder, grain size, shape and distribution. 

Kennametal Tungsten Carbide is most recommended as roll material for all stands except Roughing Stands. 

Kennametal Solutions for Wire Rod Rolling

Combi roll

Composite Rolls with Easy-to-Use Clamping System

Kennametal composite mill roll assemblies are designed for use in the high torque, low speed (<10m/sec), intermediate strands of wire rod mills where traditional cast iron or PM steel rolls are used. These roll assemblies are supplied in two axial clamping systems – a traditional hydraulic clamp and our new mechanical clamp that’s easy to install and maintain. Our mechanical clamp provides clamping forces equivalent to hydraulically clamped assemblies, but without the need for specialized tools or fluid. 

Kennametal’s new Patented Mech-Lock Combi Roll brings cutting edge technology to run for years. Intermediate stands requirement of rolling of wire and rebar is met with carbide grades RCV5 & RCV6, best suited for Combi. We take key initiatives to make Combi, a running success story at demanding environments. Kennametal partners with customers for its effective implementation. 

Two cantilever stand rolls


Intermediate & Pre-Finishing (Cantilever) Stand Rolls

Medium to heavy pass reduction takes place in these stands. Rolling speed is generally low, thermal fatigue is high and roll cooling is not as effective as that in block mills. Hence, the rolling conditions are severe and demand very high toughness for withstanding the rolling load, good resistance to rolling, corrosion wear and good thermal conductivity. Kennametal grades with binder percentage between 20% and 30% are preferred. Selection of binder depends on the water quality and discharge.

Three roll mills


3 Roll Mills

Three rolls are placed at 120 degrees. Round or hexagon-shaped wires or rods are rolled.  Kennametal grades between 25% and 30% binders are preferred. Selection of binder depends on the water quality and discharge.

Two block mill rolls


Block Mill Rolls

Quality of the wire or rod is decided by these rolls. These rolls demand very high resistance to wear and thermal fatigue. Performances of the rolls are determined in terms of tonnage rolled per pass. Kennametal grades between 12% and 20% binders are preferred. Selection of binder depends on the water quality and discharge.

Two pinch rolls


Pinch Rolls

Pinch rolls are non-reducing rolls which demand good wear resistance without breakage. In most cases, rolls are not cooled, or no effective cooling exists. This can be offered in solid carbide, steel and carbide version. Kennametal grades between 25% and 30% binders are preferred.

TMT Rolls / Re-Bar Rolls

Ribs, along with the logo, are machined inside the groove of these rolls. Ribs are machined using PCD form tool and in most occasions the logo of the company is engraved or SPARK EDMed. Main requirements of these rolls are that the ribs along with logo should be machined using PCD tools and the roll material should withstand the effect of stress raisers due to ribs and logo. Kennametal grade with 30% binder is preferred. Selection of binder depends on the water quality and discharge.

Sizing Stand Rolls

These rolls are designed to ensure quality of the wire. Controlling the size, ovality and other parameters play an important role. This means that the load is very low, but the sliding wear is high. Retention of the shape and size of the pass groove is very important for the performance of these rolls. Kennametal grades between 10% and 12% binders are preferred. Selection of binder depends on the water quality and discharge.

Kennametal Tungsten Carbide Grades for Hot Wire Rod Rolling

Kennametal offers a complete range of Tungsten Carbide Rolls that caters to the entire cross section of wire and rod rolling mill applications, with excellent thermal shock resistance, impact and wear resistant and good transverse rupture strength to withstand mounting pressures. 

Selection of right tungsten carbide grade is most important.  Kennametal engineers study the rolling conditions and recommend the grade, which is best suited for any application

Grade Name Mixed Binder wt% Grain Size Hardness Density
(HV30) (g/cc)
Wire Rolling Mill Grade
BN45 12.0 Coarse 1100 14.3
BN55 15.0 Coarse 1000 14.0
BN65 20.0 Coarse 880 13.5
High Speed Mill Grade
BN10 10.0 Coarse 1100 14.6
BN12 12.0 Coarse 1050 14.4
BN15 15.0 Coarse 910 14.1
BN20 20.0 Coarse 750 13.7
Rebar & Combi Roll Grade
RCV5 25.0 Coarse 800 13.0
RCV6 30.0 Coarse 670 12.7
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