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COVID-19: How Kennametal is responding

What's Your Challenge When Machining Steel?

The Component: Any component machined from steel bar stock

Your Challenge: Reduce the number of inserts and tool required to do turning, grooving, and cut-off operations on components made from steel bar stock.

What You Need: A solution to the standard problem of needing multiple toolholders, inserts, and hardware to do turning, grooving, and cut-off on a single component. You need less inventory, and lower stocking and purchasing costs in the process.

Kennametal’s Solution: The A4 system is perfect for what you need. A4 does plunging, profiling, turning, and cut-off with a single tool. You’ll have less downtime from tool change-out, better production from continuous tool activity.

A4 works in minimal width of cut, which saves material, and has strong chip control, which means better quality.

Grooving ID