Innovations 2025 | 01

TopSwiss™ Inserts

Swiss-Style Turning Inserts

  • Next Level Turning for Small Parts Machining
  • 4 new carbide grades
  • 1 new cermet grade
  • 7 new geometries
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Steel Turning Grade

  • Predictable performance turn after turn
  • Easy wear identification to reduce waste of unused edges
  • Increases accuracy and output rate reliability and delivers consistent tool life
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HARVI™ I TE Duo-Lock™

Modular End Mill

  • Duo-Lock connection features 3 stable points of contact for superior runout accuracy, very tight cylindrical grind for increased stability and 25% greater torque transmission compared to competitors
  •  Proprietary twisted end face for improved corner/edge stability, higher ramping and helical interpolation capabilities and increased tool life.
  •  Proprietary flute gashes for reduced energy during chip formation and evacuation and optimized coolant flow
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High-Feed Milling

  • New IC 06, 09, 12, 16 inserts with straight cutting edge
  • Flat Top Geometry (-M) with the strongest cutting edge for longer tool life
  • Positive Rake Face (-M41) with chip control for better chip clearance
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Mill 4™-12KT

Tangential Shoulder Milling

  • New precision pressed PU Geometry for the lowest cost per cutting edge
  • Strong cutting edges for higher productivity and increased MRRs
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Modular Drilling System

  • Hydraulic clamping for less vibrations
  • Straight shank with flange and threaded pin for extraordinary rigidity and stiffness
  • KSEM Modular Drilling System for strong insert clamping
  • MQL optimized coolant channels for improved cooling and lubrication
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Through Coolant ER Collets

Tooling System

  • Industry standard grip for process security
  • Industry standard runout for better tool life and application
  • Through coolant for better tool life and part quality
  • Compatible with standard adapters, requiring less optional tooling inventory
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Innovations 2024 | 02


Solid Carbide End Mill

  • High-performance 8-flute end mill
  • Internal through coolant
  • Chip splitters featured on versions greater than 2xD length of cut
  • Diameter range 3/8-1", 10-25mm
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Universal Turning Grade

  • Consistency in multi-material cutting
  • Improved wear resistance
  • Enhanced process security
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FV Geometry Inserts

High-Performance Turning Inserts

  • Unique chip breaker design
  • Sharper edge
  • Built-in coolant channels
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Chip Fan


  • High-quality US 4140 steel cylindrical shank
  • Durable glass fiber reinforced nylon fan blades
  • Weldon-Flat design supports use of common end mill adapters
  • Features through coolant in combination with fan blades
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Innovations 2024 | 01

Drill Fix™ PRO™

Indexable Drill

  • Designed for extended tool life & smooth drilling at high metal removal rates in a broad range of materials & applications
  • Wiper geometry on all outboard inserts creates superior surface finish & hole quality
  • Large coolant channels for high-volume coolant flow
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KenDrill™ Deep HPR

Solid Carbide Drill

  • Proven performance with our HPR drills geometry, featuring our heat- and wear-resistant KCK10A grade
  • Increased metal removal rates
  • Longer tool life in steel & iron compared to competitors
  • Speeds up to 4x faster than conventional drills
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KenDrill™ Micro

Solid Carbide Drill

  • Kennametal's first comprehensive micro drilling portfolio for short- and deep-hole applications
  • Delivers powerful coolant supply to improve chip evacuation
  • Reliable drill design that reduces cutting forces and optimizes chip flow
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Solid End Milling Grade

  • Provides increased output, higher metal removal rates and overall reliability when machining stainless steel, titanium and other high-temp alloys
  • Copper color provides Improved tool life observation & reconditioning management
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KenShape™ MaPACS & MaxPACS

Combination Drilling

  • MaPACS/MaxPACS: One brazed high-quality PCD cutting edge means lower thrust force & longer tool life
  • MaPACS/MaxPACS: Lower your cost per hole with a design allowing up to 3 regrinds
  • MaxPACS: Easily interchangeable PCD inserts deliver cost-effectiveness with no reconditioning
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Indexable Face Milling

  • New high positive geometries
    • LP Geometry: Light Machining of Steels
    • GM Geometry: Medium Machining of Stainless Steels
    • LM Geometry: Light Machining of Stainless Steels
    • GP Geometry: Medium Machining of Steels    
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Mill 4-12KT

Tangential Shoulder Milling

  • New HD geometry and fine pitch cutters to further enhance performance

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Special Release 2023



KENGold™ CVD Coating Technology

Applied to the KCP25C Steel Turning Grade

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Innovations 2023 | 02


Modular Drill

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Kenna Universal™

Solid Carbide Drill

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Dodeka™ Mini 45

Indexable Mill

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KenReam™ S

Solid Carbide Reamer

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Solid Carbide End Mill

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Duo-Lock™ HARVI™ I TE

Modular End Mill

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Modular Boring Bars

     Steel Boring Bar

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Innovations 2023 | 01


Heavy Metal Extensions

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KCK20B™ & KCKP10™

Cast Iron Milling Grades

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Inserts for KenTIP FS Modular Drill

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Innovations 2022 | 02


Hard Turning Ceramic Grade

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Heavy Duty Turning

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Beyond™ Evolution™

Grooving and Cut Off

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KBH10B™ & KBH20B™

Hard Turning PcBN Grades

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Innovations 2022 | 01


Turning Grade for High Temp Alloys

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Ceramic Turning Grade for Cast Iron

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Innovations 2022 | Aerospace Solutions


Modular Drill for Flat Bottom Holes

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HARVI™ Ultra 8X

Helical Shoulder Milling

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Bolt Taper Flange Mount Adaptors

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Fastener Drilling & Countersinking

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