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steel stringy chips

Machining Stainless Steel Components

Let’s address a common challenge faced when machining stainless steel components.

"Lights-Out" Manufacturing Just Got Brighter

The Component: Machining stainless steel components.

Your Challenge: Reduce the risk of catastrophic, premature insert failure during “lights-out” manufacturing when there are no machine operators present.

What You Need: A solution to prevent premature insert wear that can damage components during machining. This type of wear is due to stringy, sticky, poor chips that cause poor quality parts. They can wrap around your part and damage it or the insert. What’s worse, you discover the damage the next day when you return to the shop.

The parts have to be scrapped or fixed. Stainless steel scratches easily, so quality has to be consistent, predictable, and reliable. You need to be able to trust your tools will do their job during lights-out machining.

stringy chips

Kennametal’s Solution: The innovative -CL chip former inserts in our A2™ cut-off program will resolve the chip problem. The cutting edge has a molded-in chipbreaker ramp to direct chips away from the blade. This helps extend blade life.

A2_insertsThe inserts are available in Beyond™ KCU25™ grade so you get predictable performance and reliability. That means you can trust the inserts to do their job when the lights are out and you’re not there.