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stainless steel bar stock

Machining Stainless Steel Bar Stock

Here’s a common challenge faced when doing cut-off operations in stainless steel.

The Component: Machining stainless steel bar stock

Your Challenge: Reduce costs associated with multiple inserts and workpiece material waste in turning, grooving, and cut-off applications.

What You Need: A solution to the excessive waste generated by thousands of cuts per year when using automatic bar feed machines. This results in thousands of feet of “chips” that are pure waste and not used in the part. Every millimeter used in cut-off operations is wasted material. You need a solution for less waste of material and money.

Kennametal’s Solution: The A4™ platform showcases a -GUP geometry solution that has an extremely strong edge for minimal widths of cut. This means you use a smaller insert that produces much less material waste.

Plus, you get secure, rigid clamping that holds the insert tightly in place while cutting. That means there's no extra movement, or waste, during cutting.