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      Support Contacts - Wear Protection Solutions*

      *products not listed under metalworking tools


      For Product Support:

      Phone: 833.379.1506



      For Order Support:

      (to place order or check order status)

      See contacts by product category listed below.


      To Place Order or Check Order Status - Wear Protection Solutions*

      *products not listed under metalworking tools 

      Mining & Construction

      • Cutting Systems (conicals, blocks, accessories)
      • Drums
      • Carbide Inserts & Recycling
      • KenCast Wear Solutions

      Phone: 800.458.3608


      Stellite Components, Stellite 6B

      • Stellite 6B Bar & Sheet
      • MWD/LWD Oil & Gas components
      • Aerospace, Power Gen, Refinery components
      • Industrial Knives & Scrapers
      • Stellite Saw Tipping products
      • Wear Solutions: General Industry

      Phone: 800.267.2886


      Stellite Consumables, Welding Equipment, Powders

      • Equipment: PTA, HVOF
      • Cobalt Welding Rod & Wire
      • Nickel & Cobalt-based Powders (ALM)
      • Thermal Spray Powders
      • PTA Hardfacing Powders
      • Stellite Alloys

      Phone: 800.235.9353


      Conforma Clad Tungsten Carbide & Stellite Cladding Solutions

      • Extruder Barrels & Screws (Plastics, Food/Feed)
      • Pump & Conveyance Equipment
      • Radial Bearings (Oil & Gas)
      • Power Gen & Boiler components
      • Wear Solutions: General Industry

      Phone: 888.289.4590


      Industrial Nozzles/Abrasive Flow Products

      • WaterJet nozzles - ROCTEC
      • Abrasive Blast nozzles

      Phone: 800.662.2131


      Carbide Parts & Components

      • Rod Blanks
      • Wear Parts
      • KennaFlow Valve Seats 
      • Compacts & Flow Control Components (Oil & Gas)
      • Nozzles for Oil & Gas
      • Pelletizing Dies

      Phone: 800.433.7295



      • Specialty Nozzles
      • Cutting Tool Blanks
      • Saw Tips
      • Die Nibs

      Phone: 800.221.4273



      Powders & Powder Production

      • Tungsten Powders
      • Tungsten Carbide Grade Powders
      • Tungsten Carbide Powder
      • Welding Rod

      Phone: 888-777-6852


      Sintec Advanced Ceramics

      • Intermetallic Composites (IMC)
      • Evaporator Boats
      • Crucibles
      • Boron Nitride, Hot Pressed Boron Nitride
      • Ceramic Powder
      • Suspensions, Pastes & Sprays


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