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No matter the application, turn to Kennametal for expert tooling & wear solutions to get your job done efficiently and economically. From bits to blocks, retainers, complete drum systems, or wear protection for critical compoennts, we have high-performance products to keep you productive and profitable.

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Kennametal proudly serves top-tier companies across varied applications in both underground mining and surface mining. With superior custom and standard cutting and wear resistant solutions, we help you build and maintain best-in-class operations.

With leading-edge products from cutter bits and holders to custom fabricated drums, we keep equipment running longer and performing better in demanding environments.

underground mining

Underground Mining

Our commitment to demanding underground mining applications is unparalleled. We have a long history of helping you achieve success and a tradition of exceeding your expectations.

We remain focused on redefining and advancing industries through our world-class solutions — delivered by professionals who are committed to the health and profitability of your enterprise.

surface miners

Surface Mining

Kennametal surface miner products offer optimum performance, productivity, and value in the following mining applications:

Gold, Copper, Diamonds, Coal and Lignite, Iron Ore, Oil Sands, Nickel, Cobalt, Base Metals, Platinum, Granite, Aggregates, Limestone, Phosphate, Potash.



Tooling Solutions

surface miner conical

Surface Miner Tools

These products deliver ultra-highperformance that results in fewer teeth required, less downtime, and greatly reduced operating costs. 

radials element


Superior tooling solutions for all of your radial tooling applications. The in-house expertise to help troubleshoot and solve problems.

drill chuck

Drilling Systems

This system is fast, easy-to-use, and versatile. It lets you start and finish a hole with the same cutting tool. The most adaptable roof drilling system.

conical tool


The right conical does the job faster with more penetration and less dust, larger pieces, better wear resistance, and less breakage.

cutting block

Cutting Systems

Seams can be tough on cutting tools, so you need tools that are equally tough. Designed and built with heavy-duty construction.

Continuous Loading Arm

Continuous Miners

Kennametal provides a variety of services. We take the time to custom design, build, tool, and service - improving productivity.

crusher tool


Tough crushing conditions call for a tougher tool. Kennametal answers with carbide-tipped crusher conicals in 38mm, 51mm, and 52mm sizes.

roof bit

Roof Bits

The helix-fluted design pulls cut rock and dust through the center chamber, away. The twisted body design acts like a fluted drill.



Regardless of how demanding the environment, we provide an unbeatable portfolio of solutions - all designed for your requirements.


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