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ToolBOSS Tool Vending Machines

ToolBOSS™ with management software; ToolBOSS ECTC (Journeyman); Supply Lockers; Modulo; and Rotopoint

ToolBOSSTM Vending Solutions



Our tool vending machines are the answer to secure storage of tools and supplies. Storage units can be used alone or together and offer secure inventory control, accountability of tool usage, and flexibility in storage options.

  • Cut tooling inventory,
    often by 50% or more
  • Decrease spending on
    new tools by up to 30%
  • Reduce administrative costs
    significantly, often by as much as 90%
  • Integrate ToolBOSS machines with
    the NOVO app to monitor real-time
    inventory during process planning




Learn more about the family of tool vending machines

ToolBOSS™ with management software; ToolBOSS ECTC (Journeyman); Supply Lockers; Modulo; and Rotopoint




ToolBOSS Units

Combine ToolBOSS vending units with our powerful management software to create a highly versatile, high-capacity, and highly secure storage solution.

ToolBOSS ECTC (Journeyman)

A conventional cabinet with ToolBOSS electronic lock upgrade

Supply Lockers

For bulk storage and large items


High-capacity modular storage units


Compact solution for high-quantity items


Seamless integration between ToolBOSS,
CAM systems, and NOVO™

  • Quickly see the best tool to use for a job during process planning and check inventory availability in ToolBOSS units
  • Move faster from design to the shop floor with the most efficient cutting tool option on hand
  • Easy ordering of new tools, and automated-order capability
  • Redundant backup of data
  • Remote access to reporting
  • Remote diagnostics of vending machine system and easy maintenance
  • Self-paced, on-demand e-learning of ToolBOSS software and NOVO™ app

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