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KenCast Case Study

Customer Experience

A leading North American roll crusher manufacturer asked Kennametal to find a solution to their wear problems. The company was hardfacing their drums to protect them during rough crushing and mining applications. They wanted to maintain the sharpness of the crushing teeth to grab feed material at a faster rate and increase productivity.

The company needed crushing teeth that could resist wear and be easily replaced without building a new roll drum.

Our solution:

We molded KenCast into the shape of the crushing teeth and welded them to the roll drum crushers.

Through a series of tests, the company determined the amount of force necessary to break off a KenCast tooth. They found the cutting tooth cracked just below the carbide layer and above the weld, preserving the structural integrity of the drum.

The company’s customers embraced the new technology. One customer was an underground coal mine that was losing money because it had to replace roll segments quarterly. The mine ordered new components to be cast in steel with KenCast teeth welded onto them. Almost a year after installation, wear on the KenCast teeth was minimal and only one tooth had broken off. The mine was able to simply replace the set of teeth instead of the entire roll segment.

The rewards

By selling the KenCast teeth for their drums individually, the roll crusher company enables their customers to preserve machinery and save money. Since partnering with Kennametal a decade ago, the manufacturer has grown from a $13,000 to a $2 million operation.