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Milling Inserts

Product specifications
Product # 5667949
ISO Catalog Number APHT1604PDTR42
ANSI Catalog Number APHT1604PDTR42
Grade SP6519
[S] Insert Thickness Metric 4,750
[W] Insert Width Metric 9,525
Average Chip Thickness [HM] 0,050
Insert Num of Cutting Edges 2
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Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade [S] Insert Thickness Metric [W] Insert Width Metric Average Chip Thickness [HM] Insert Num of Cutting Edges
5656814 APHT1604PDTR42 APHT1604PDTR42 X500 4,750 9,525 0,050 2
5657353 APHT1604PDTR42 APHT1604PDTR42 MP91M 4,750 9,525 0,050 2
5667949 APHT1604PDTR42 APHT1604PDTR42 SP6519 4,750 9,525 0,050 2

Product Usage


  • MP91M

    CVD-coated carbide grade with TiN/TiCN/Al2O3. Tough substrate in combination with wear resistant for roughing and semi-finishing of steel, cast iron, and hardened materials.

  • SP6519

    Coated carbide grade with PVD TiAlN nano-composite coating on a tough substrate. Primarily for use in general and heavy machining, dry and wet.

  • X500

    CVD TiN/TiCN/TiN coated carbide on tough substrate (X-Grade™ technology). For difficult applications with heavy impacts, vibrations, or unstable conditions. High stability against thermal cracks. Excellent grade for high-temperature alloys, stainless steels, and titanium.