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Tech Tip #105 - Reamer Wear and Breakage

The following conditions may adversely affect reamer life or, in some cases, damage the reamer through wear or breakage:

  • Misalignment of the reamer that creates a bell-mouth condition and premature wear.
  • Lack of chip space in the flutes.
  • Inconsistent material condition.
  • Dirt or burs in the holding collets or spindle.
  • Over- or under-feeding or speeding.
  • Lack of proper lubrication.
  • Bottoming out in blind holes.
  • Leaving too little or too much stock to remove.
  • Poor hole quality.
  • Improper regrinding.
  • Careless handling of the reamer.
  • Reamer chatter.
  • Lack of rigidity of the set-up.
  • Wrong reamer design for the applications.

If you experience reamer wear or damage, make sure you have addressed each of these potential causes to eliminate the problem.