Grader and Planer Blades

If your grader blade operations are just scraping by, you need a better blade. Look to Kennametal for the widest selection of carbide grader and planer blades available in the industry today. We’ll give you the edge with planer blades, snowplow blades, and an assortment of accessories.

Scarifier Blades

Our scarifier blades penetrate hard-packed, frozen, and gravel surfaces with less down pressure and horsepower than standard grader blades. And, they do it in fewer passes.

These blades have individual replaceable, rotating, self-sharpening tools. Our solid carbide tipped tools wear evenly, so blades last longer than all-steel blades.


  • Eliminate “washboard” effect and pot holes with fewer passes
  • Get even cutting height because cutting tools rotate from position to position
  • Quickly change individual cutting bits in minutes without special tooling
  • No need to replace entire blade sections and bolts. Change only the cutting bits.
  • Maintain road surfaces with fewer passes
  • Carbide-tipped scarifier blades last longer than all-steel blades
  • Severe-duty scarifier blades available for extreme conditions

Dual-Carbide Planer Blades

Kennametal dual-carbide grader blades feature two tungsten carbide inserts in the blade edge. The first insert is a mining grade mounted on the blade face that’s super resistant to impact and erosion. The second carbide insert is mounted in the blade center edge because it’s highly resistant to down pressure and abrasion.

They work in tandem for the best performance in highly abrasive low-impact jobs. They stay straight, maintain a sharp, clean edge, and stop crowning. These blades have a universal bolt hole pattern for convenience, and they outlast imbedded carbide granule-style blades.

Our dual-carbide blades are backed by a comprehensive warranty program. You will notice lower costs for replacement parts, downtime, labor, and inventory with these dependable, tough blades.


I.C.E. / KenCoat™ Grader Blades

We combined our isolated carbide edge (I.C.E.) blades with our Kennametal carbide overlay application technology (KenCoat) to create a blade with both durability and wear resistance.

I.C.E. blades feature durable, individually mounted bullet-shaped carbide inserts in the blade edge. KenCoat features wear-resistant carbide granules imbedded in a tough, abrasion-resistant, steel-weld material. We mounted KenCoat over the front of the I.C.E. blade to create one blade with the highest blade wear, impact, and fracture resistance.

These long-lasting blades are perfect for snow removal on roads with imbedded lane markers and rumble strips. They can withstand high-speed plowing over excessive joints, major roadway cracks, and uneven road surfaces.

KenCoat™ Grader Blades

KenCoat is Kennametal carbide overlay application technology that acts as a protective coating on the blade face. It’s made of wear-resistant carbide granules imbedded in a tough, abrasion-resistant, steel-weld material. This coating on the front of the blade protects the solid carbide insert in the blade.

KenCoat blades last 3 to 5 longer than standard carbide blades. They also are resistant to wear from down pressure, and ideal for moderate-impact jobs. These blades are available with 1 inch (25mm) and 1.5 inch (38mm) widths of KenCoat protection.

Armored Planer Blades

Choose Kennametal armored blades when you need an economical blade for higher-impact jobs. Our armored blades give you 3 to 5 times more wear life than standard carbide blades.

We reinforce the mild steel blade face with a securely welded hardened-steel plate. This helps protect the carbide insert in the blade from wear damage caused by unpaved surfaces. Kennametal armored blades are available in 3 ft. (914mm), 4 ft. (1219mm), and 5 ft. (1524mm) lengths. Each is “standard highway punched” to fit all makes and models of graders.

Grader Blades for Snow Plowing

Kennametal grader blades for snow plowing are designed to resist fracture and wear damage. Brazing is our specialty, and our process ensures the inserts stay firmly in place in the blade without residual stress. That means a more durable blade.

Our grader blades for snow plowing are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Plus, we back our blades with an excellent quality assurance program. These blades are sold in 3 ft. (914mm) and 4 ft. (1219mm) lengths for more safety, versatility, and easy use.

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