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Reconditioning Services


Kennametal Reconditioning Services restore worn carbide tools to like-new condition.

Tools are reconditioned to Kennametal original coatings and geometries for like-new performance and reliability. With repeated reconditioning, tooling costs can be reduced by 50% or more in many cases, compared to the cost of purchasing new tools. You save money, and avoid material waste.

What are the benefits?

Kennametal reconditioning gives you the quality and performance of a new tool at a fraction of the cost. The savings add up with each reconditioning service.


Reconditioning for:

  • Solid carbide drills
  • Carbide modular drills
  • Solid carbide end mills
  • Solid carbide taps

  • Reamers
  • PCD/CBN tools
  • Modular inserts for KSEM™ drills

Improve productivity and the bottom line

  • Kennametal proprietary geometries and certified coatings restored with each regrind
  • Fast turnaround service
  • Restore tools to like-new condition

  • Application support throughout the tool lifecycle
  • Easy tool shipping with our Blue Box™ program