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COVID-19: How Kennametal is responding

Vision Statement

A cleaner, healthier and safer environment is a value we demand of ourselves and others and is integrated into everything we do.

Kennametal operates worldwide in a responsible manner which respects the environment and the health and safety of our people, our customers, our suppliers and our communities.

We are committed to meeting and exceeding all applicable EHS requirements and dedicated to continually improving our EHS performance.

Our Approach

Management Based Safety (MBS) provides a set of tools that all levels of the organization can use to manage safety the same way we manage any other aspect of our business.  We are all accountable for safety no matter what role you play at Kennametal. This concept was introduced in 2008 and remains a key component of our safety program today.

EHS Total System Approach (TSA) is a program that helps us foster an interdependent EHS culture. This approach is focused on improving and modernizing our EHS systems to improve key metrics and support our growth objectives.

We know that EHS performance directly contributes to our business success. That is why we invest in our workplace to provide a safe and healthy environment, while providing our people with the knowledge, skills and abilities to work safely and protect the environment.  Every one of us is responsible for environmental health and safety.

EHS Policy Statement