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Augers and Drilling Systems

H-Tubing (7/8" Hex Drill Systems)

Features and benefits
  • Order as "H [length in inches] H”. (Example: for an 8-ft length, order H096H; full-length, H144H).

  • Standard lengths listed. Contact your nearest Kennametal Representative regarding custom lengths.
Product specifications
Product # 1011495
ISO Catalog Number H096H TUBING
ANSI Catalog Number H096H TUBING

Filter By:
Product # ISO Catalog Number ANSI Catalog Number Grade
1011492 H072H TUBING H072H TUBING
1011490 H060H TUBING H060H TUBING
1011485 H036H TUBING H036H TUBING
1011496 H108H TUBING H108H TUBING
1011495 H096H TUBING H096H TUBING
1011472 H024H TUBING H024H TUBING
1011494 H084H TUBING H084H TUBING
1011489 H054H TUBING H054H TUBING
1011499 H144H TUBING H144H TUBING
1011488 H048H TUBING H048H TUBING
1011487 H042H TUBING H042H TUBING
1011498 H120H TUBING H120H TUBING