Ceramics for cast Iron Machining

Hit Your "Sweet Spot" in the Production Line with Silicon Nitride Ceramic Cutting Tools cost, performance, best compromise to drive cost-per-part down 

Beyond ISO KYK Ceramic Inserts

KYK ceramic inserts are the first choice for high speed, continuous, and lightly interrupted turning applications in cast iron materials. Benefits include improved fracture toughness, better wear resistance, and extended application range.

Combining KYK10™ and CVD-coated KYK25™ with our other ceramic grades for cast iron, Kennametal provides a complete ceramic portfolio that can reduce machining cycle times and lower manufacturing costs.

*KYK10 and KYK25 are available in Kenloc,™ Kendex Positive / Kendex Negative,™ and Top Notch™ turning insert styles.

Not only is this "best-in-class" ceramic the toughest for cast iron turning and cast iron milling, globally -- due to specialized processing, it's composition cannot be mirrored.

Pure silicon nitride grades are composed of flexible ceramic, which offers superior thermal shock resistance and increased toughness/strength.

Consider silicon nitride a reliable, trustworthy and versatile ceramic for both old and new machines, unstable conditions, and interrupted cuts.

High-Speed Capability

Advanced silicon nitride ceramic grade, KYK10, proves its productivity on the spindle by cutting significantly more parts per cutting edge. While the 12µm CVD Alumina Coating KYK25 shows higher speed capability than competitive ceramics for ductile iron machining.


By combining KYK10 and CVD coated KYK25 with Kennametal’s other ceramic grades for cast iron materials, Kennametal provides a complete, high-performance ceramic portfolio that can be optimized to reduce machining cycle times and lower overall manufacturing costs.


Composition: Beyond Technology, Advanced Silicon Nitride
Application: This advanced ceramic is best suited for high-speed continuous turning of grey cast iron, including through scale. Also provides maximum wear resistance, and toughness, with a cutting condition of varying depth of cut, casting, forging skin, and lightly interrupted cut.
Materials: Grey Cast Iron


Composition: Beyond Technology, Pure Silicon Nitride with 12 Micron Thick CVD Coating
Application: A unique ceramic with CVD coating, the KYK25 offers excellent wear resistance on a smooth cut, pre-turned surface. Also performs superior for both continuous and slightly interrupted applications.

Materials: Grey Cast Iron / Ductile Iron


Composition: Beyond Technology, Pure Silicon Nitride Ceramic
Application: "Best in-class" ceramic for specialized processing, this reliable, trustworthy and versatile grade is (globally) the toughest for turning and milling cast iron applications. Due to superior thermal shock resistance and maximum toughness/strength, this is the most flexible ceramic. 
Materials: Grey Cast Iron / Ferritic Ductile Iron 

From tooling to turbo to hybrids, Kennametal is the leader in the development and manufacturing of engineered cast iron ceramic machining components designed for automotive applications. Our engineers specialize in producing the most wear-resistant cast iron turning and cast iron milling grades, made from the world’s toughest ceramic materials.

We are the proud high-volume supplier of choice for cast iron ceramic machining solutions amongst industry-leading automotive manufacturers, globally.

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