Cad Drawings

Mill 4™ Series

Screw-On End Mills • Mill 4-11™

Features and Benefits

  • One tool for all applications: from roughing to finishing.
  • Superior wall and surface finishing capabilities. Best choice for stepping down operations.
  • Up to 11mm depth of cut.
  • Screw-on cutters provide better rigidity and stability when used with small spindles: BT30, BT40, DV40, HSK50, HSK63, etc.

  • Screw-on cutters can be less expensive when compared to cylindrical shank cutters due to their higher flexibility through multiple holder combinations.

Product Usage /


Screw-On End Mills

order numbercatalog numberFIRST CHOICE NAFIRST CHOICE EMEAD1DDPMG3XL2WFAp1 maxZkgmax RPM
6136738 »M4D016Z02M08LN11Y16138,5M8251011,020,0348000
6131682 »M4D020Z03M10LN11Y201810,5M10281511,030,0640200
6131686 »M4D025Z04M12LN11Y252112,5M12401711,040,1034300
6136793 »M4D032Z05M16LN11YY322917,0M16402411,050,2029200
6134187 »M4D032Z06M16LN11Y322917,0M16402411,060,1929200