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Repair Services


Give new life to old tools.

Use our repair services to restore your Kennametal pocketed and non-pocketed tools to like-new condition. See how much performance life your worn tools still have in them. Repair them today!

What types of tool holders can be repaired?

Pocketed tools

  • Milling cutters
  • Boring bars (standard, tunable, and de-vibe bars)
  • Indexable drills
  • Line boring bars
  • Feed-out heads
  • Motion tools
  • Standard indexable tooling

Non-pocketed tools

  • Boring heads (TenthSet, ModBore, Romicron)
  • Tool holders (eccentric and floating)
  • Electronic tightening fixture
  • Hydraulic chucks
  • KM clamping units (manual and spring packs)
  • KTT100B, KTT100C tuned tooling electronic boxes
  • Clamping units (KM-LOC, KM-LOCII, and KV)
  • KSEM bodies
  • Live/driven tooling
  • Power-Grip milling chucks
  • SEFAS combination tools
  • Tapping tools (modular and integral, not tap adapters)
  • Trimos presetters


Three Steps to Tool Repair

  • Download and complete the Tool Repair Form, include the form with your tools and mail the package to the Solon Service and Repair Center listed at the top of the form.
  • Receive a quote and timetable from Kennametal for the repairs.
  • Notify Kennametal within 30 days of quote receipt if you want the tools to be repaired, returned, or scrapped. (Tool will be returned if we do not hear from you.)